LASIK Surgery to Repair Vision

While contact lenses and eyeglasses have been used for generations as a way to correct eye vision problems, the fact is that they are at times cumbersome. LASIK surgery is therefore such a welcome procedure for many of those who do not want to think about the traditional options. LASIK surgery is one that is done by highly qualified LASIK doctors by using a laser to perform vision correction.

This vision correction is done by manipulating the cornea. The flap of the cornea is usually created on the outer eye layer, which is then folded to allow for remodeling. The remodeling is done on the inner tissue that lies underneath, after which LASIK doctors, preferably a cornea specialist like the global leader Dr. John Goosey, doing the procedure will reposition the flap. In undergoing this surgery, many patients would be saying a permanent goodbye to eye problems as well as the eyeglasses and contact lenses.

The three major eye problems that are corrected by LASIK surgery are long sightedness, shortsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK doctors who perform this surgery are usually regular ophthalmologists or cornea specialists. While the former are professionals who can do the job well, it would be better to select a cornea specialist because the surgery involves dealing with the cornea to perform the vision correction.

People suffering from eye problems can choose to have either the traditional LASIK surgery or the custom LASIK procedure. It all depends on what one prefers as well as the eye problems that a patient may have.

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