Understanding Ectasia

Ectatic corneas are both a contraindication and an occasional consequence for a LASIK patient, who should have never had the surgery to begin with. In a healthy cornea, when you do LASIK, the cornea maintains its shape, and you receive the benefits from LASIK for a long period of time. But, in an unhealthy cornea, the tissue keeps thinning on its own after the procedure, and you eventually lose the benefits from LASIK. These patients have to go into hard contact lenses to achieve best possible vision. That is why Dr. Goosey is very selective on who he will perform surgery on. Because it can be easy to miss subclinical signs of keratoconus, we use the best corneal topographer available today, the Oculus Pentacam. It can detect even the most negligible signs of ectasia or keratoconus.

Man considering cataract surgery