Swimming After LASIK

LASIK eye surgery has been around for years, but people considering the procedure still have questions about how the LASIK might impact their lives. For many, the positive benefits are really all they think about…until they get ready to have the procedure themselves! That’s when they really start thinking about the specifics of LASIK.

A very common question new patients ask relates to swimming. How soon after LASIK is it ok to get back in the water? The quick answer is, “When your eyes have healed”. Knowing that everybody is different, however, leads us to the best answer for you to keep in mind: you should wait two weeks before going swimming after LASIK surgery.

Your eyes must completely heal before jumping in for a swim if you want to avoid possible irritation or infection risks. For example, if you swim in a chlorinated pool your eyes will become irritated and dry even if you haven’t had LASIK. Following LASIK, this same irritation might lead to complications if your eyes haven’t yet completely healed.

Not only chlorinated water poses a risk, however. Swimming in a lake or other body of fresh water before your eyes have recovered from the LASIK procedure increases your risk of an eye infection resulting from exposure to natural materials found in fresh water.

In general, Dr. Goosey recommends that patients wait two weeks after LASIK before swimming to avoid serious eye health and recovery issues. So, know this beforehand – you need to wait before competing in that triathlon or Olympic qualifier!

Tips for Swimming after LASIK

When the two weeks has passed and you’re ready to get back in the water, remember these simple tips:

  1. Until your eyes have healed completely, it’s recommended that you wear goggles or avoid opening your eyes when you’re swimming. Dr. Goosey recommends that patients wear goggles for at least a month after resuming swimming activities.
  2. If you’re sitting poolside or spending the day at the beach, it’s best to wear sunglasses with UV protection. Since your eyes will be sensitive to bright light after LASIK, sunglasses can shield your eyes from harmful rays.
  3. Most importantly, check with Dr. Goosey before going for a swim. Only your doctor will know for sure how your eyes are healing following LASIK, and you should take advantage of his expertise and advice before heading back to the pool or the beach.

Always remember that LASIK can improve both your vision and your quality of life, but it’s important to let your eyes heal completely before you return to the water.

Talk to Dr. Goosey

For those considering LASIK in the Houston area, a free consultation with Dr. John Goosey is a great way to start the process. Dr. Goosey has performed over thirty thousand successful LASIK procedures in his career and has been a leading practitioner and lecturer in the field of laser eye surgery since 1993.

If you find yourself asking questions about how LASIK might work for you, contact the staff at Dr. Goosey’s office today. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Goosey and begin the process of bringing your life back into focus. Dr. Goosey can answer all your questions about LASIK, and he can give you a few tips on your flip-turn, too!

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