Choosing an Eye Doctor


Just as you have a regular physician, you should also have a regular eye doctor that you can confidently turn to. Also known as an ophthalmologist, a professional eye doctor deals with all issues of eye care, from eyesight to …

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Correct your Vision with LASIK Surgery


Eyeglasses (spectacles!) have been used for hundreds of years. More recently, contact lenses have also been used to correct eye vision problems. But the fact is, both eyeglasses and contact lenses present practical challenges for users. These days, LASIK surgery …

Correct your Vision with LASIK Surgery2018-10-03T14:28:41+00:00

5 Questions for a LASIK Eye Surgeon


Surgery with a LASIK eye surgeon has many incredible benefits; however, it’s important to do a little research and see the eye doctor for an initial consultation. That initial exam provides the best opportunity to ask certain questions you may …

5 Questions for a LASIK Eye Surgeon2017-03-07T13:28:44+00:00

So, What Happens After LASIK Surgery?


LASIK surgery has become increasingly popular, and millions of people who once wore glasses or contacts have benefited from this innovative, fast, and effective procedure. However, some may wonder what happens after LASIK surgery; read on to learn more about …

So, What Happens After LASIK Surgery?2017-02-14T13:56:34+00:00
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