Best-Corrected Vision: The Aim of Laser Vision Correction

In the world of laser vision correction, the ultimate goal for the patient is known as “best-corrected vision”. After LASIK eye surgery from a cornea specialist who uses Allegretto lasers, like Dr. John Goosey, 100% of people achieve 20/40 eyesight or better within three months no longer need corrective eyewear. (95% achieve 20/20 eyesight or better within three months.) This makes the procedure one of the most efficient ways to improve your eyesight permanently, without having to bother with glasses or contacts ever again. With LASIK, the distance between you and your best-corrected vision has never been shorter.

Come to Houston for Laser Vision Correction

The quality of available health care has never been higher in the greater Houston, TX area. The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world, and each day nearly one hundred thousand people work at one of the fourteen hospitals or twenty-one academic centers located there. One of the top cornea specialists located in Houston is Dr. John Goosey, who has had over two decades of experience with laser vision correction. He leads the field in LASIK eye surgery, and his reputation extends well beyond Houston to include patients from around the world. That is why he has been named one of America’s Top Ophthalmologists for his work in laser vision correction. Texas Monthly magazine calls Dr. Goosey one of Texas’ “Super Doctors” due to his excellent professional reputation and his notoriety in corneal transplantation, Cornea Surgeries, and LASIK eye surgery. Finally, Dr. Goosey is often referred to as “the specialist’s specialist” because so many doctors, including ophthalmologists, turn to him with trust and confidence.

Risks of Procedures

Like any surgery, LASIK eye surgery does come with certain risks. However, Dr. Goosey and his excellent staff can explain these risks to you so that you feel informed and comfortable as you prepare to say “goodbye” to glasses and contact lenses.

Contact Dr. Goosey’s office to schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Goosey and learn how LASIK can improve your quality of life today.



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