Top 10 Questions Patients Ask About LASIK

Despite the fact that LASIK eye surgery has been approved by the FDA since 1999, people considering the procedure still have questions about how LASIK might impact their lives. For many, the positive benefits are really all they think about…until they get ready to have the procedure themselves! That’s when they really start thinking about the specifics of LASIK.

At Dr. Goosey’s office, we’re always listening to our patients. Below is a list of the Top 10 questions people ask before choosing LASIK. (We’ve included the answers, too.)

1. How soon can I swim after surgery? (2 weeks)
2. Can I have surgery while breast feeding or pregnant? (Possibly, but you need to check with your doctor about post-op eye drops)
3. Can I have Lasik if I have diabetes? (Yes)
4. Am I a candidate if I have glaucoma? (Yes)
5. How soon can I wear eye makeup after surgery? (5-7 days)
6. How long until I get 20/20 after LASIK? (24 hours usually, but vision can fluctuate for weeks and it takes 1-3 months for final results)
7. How soon can I work out after surgery? (48 hours)
8. How soon can I scuba dive after Lasik (6 weeks)
9. When can I drive after Lasik? (The next day, if you are not drowsy and are comfortable with your vision)
10. Are dry eyes a side effect of LASIK? (Dry eyes are temporary for most people for a period between 3 weeks and 3 months)

For those considering LASIK in the Houston area, a free consultation with Dr. John Goosey is a great way to start the process. Dr. Goosey has performed over thirty thousand successful LASIK procedures in his career and has been a leading practitioner and lecturer in the field of laser eye surgery since 1993.

If you find yourself asking questions about how LASIK might work for you, contact the staff at Dr. Goosey’s office today. Who know? Maybe your question will show up on a Top-10 list one day!

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