3 Surprising Facts About LASIK Surgery

It would be nice if every person with vision problems could get LASIK surgery and throw away their glasses and contacts for good. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible just yet; although, with advances in technology, it may be a feasible goal in the near future! With the help of LASIK surgery, a person can observe a noticeable difference in their vision in a brief period of time. Below are a few fun facts many patients still don’t know about this common surgery.

It’s Almost 30 Years Old!

LASIK surgery has been around longer than many people realize. In fact, the procedure was first used in 1988. A 60-year-old woman was offered to let surgeons experiment on one of her eyes, due to a black spot that was growing on the eye that needed to be corrected. Scientists later determined this spot to be melanoma, and LASIK took off from there. Canada first approved the laser for use on eyes in 1991, and the United States followed in 1995.

It’s Both Concise & Precise

The excimer laser used during the procedure can remove a slice of the corneal tissue in 12 billionths of a second. This means a layer can be removed in less time than it takes for the patient to blink, as a blink takes anywhere from 0.3 to 0.4 seconds. The entire procedure is completed in mere minutes, and the individual leaves the facility with improved vision. Although for some patients, vision may be intermittently blurry following the procedure, due to the eyes’ adjustment period and time needed to heal, patients should wake up the next morning with clear vision.

It’s Highly Effective

Overall, most patients report they are very satisfied with their eye surgery. Complications are extremely rare following the procedure, and most can be corrected with the help of the LASIK surgeon. In fact, there is less than a 1 percent chance of a minor complication. There are no reported cases of blindness following the procedure. A digital eye tracking system is used during the procedure to ensure the patient enjoys outstanding results and excellent precision. [Reference: http://www.allaboutvision.com/faq/lasik_prk.htm]


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