3 Ways LASIK Can Be Better Than Glasses & Contacts

Vision is one of our most important faculties. The millions of people who have visual impairments experience countless difficulties in their daily lives. Relief can be obtained through various solutions; and today we are lucky to have more options than ever before. One of the most innovative solutions is LASIK surgery, a procedure that is fast and nearly pain-free.

Many people are increasingly favoring LASIK surgery over traditional remedies such as, prescription glasses and contact lenses. All of them bring almost instant improvements, but LASIK stands out thanks to the additional benefits that it can provide. These include a more natural appearance, long-term cost savings, and an expanded range of abilities.

1. Natural Look and Feel w/LASIK Surgery

While it is true that glasses can be fashionable, not everyone likes to wear something over their eyes for a variety of reasons. Many find them uncomfortable to use because of their weight and heft. It can feel like an obstruction rather than an object that could assist them. A large percentage of owners refrain from using theirs for as long as they can. They only whip out their pair when they absolutely need it, such as when reading a book or a document, or if they need them for driving; after that, they quickly fold them away and put them out of sight.

Glasses also change our appearance in ways that may not always be pleasing to the eyes. Some people look great in them, but others just don’t like the effect. They may feel conscious of the way others perceive them or refer to them by simply wearing glasses. This drives individuals to seek out alternatives like contact lens, which are good to a certain degree. However, even these can be spotted when seen up-close. Colored ones are relatively easy to spot, such that several inquiries follow after the discovery. These questions can be tiresome to answer again and again.

After having LASIK surgery, there are no external objects being imposed on a person. Only a focused high-intensity light beam is used to perform the procedure. The doctor will make precise cuts that will result in vision enhancement almost right away. Most patients can return to their normal routines within 24 hours, and enjoy complete visual clarity. The transformation is quite impressive, with the majority not needing any more prescription glasses or contacts afterwards. They can have the best of both worlds: clear vision and a natural appearance.

2. Long-term Cost Savings

The LASIK surgery procedure can produce substantial savings for the patients. This assertion may seem counter-intuitive given the large initial cost of LASIK surgery; but there is more to the equation than meets the eyes. It is true that people who are thinking of undergoing the procedure will have to gather a sizeable amount to fund their treatment. Most clinics will charge over a thousand dollars for just a single eye. Since most have impairments on both eyes, the cost can be quite daunting when the details are first provided. Yet tens of thousands still go ahead with it after weighing the benefits.

Besides, the cost of using contacts is not trivial either. These are fragile objects that require careful handling. They constantly need to be replaced due to wear and tear. Some estimates peg the amount of money spent on contact lens per individual to be in the hundreds of dollars every year. That is a figure which cannot be dismissed either. Although you would need to shell out less each time, the cumulative amount over the years can actually be much greater than the one-time payment for LASIK. Looking at things this way, it is clear that LASIK surgery can be the financially sound choice.

Using glasses is the cheapest of the three. Most spectacles are reasonably priced, especially if you opt for the simple frames. Things can quickly escalate if you are getting designer frames from the famous fashion brands. Glasses last for many years before needing to be replaced due to broken frames, cracked lenses, or modified grades. The necessity of going to the ophthalmologist again and again, can be a bit of a hassle as well. However, LASIK surgery requires just one visit for most patients.

3. Expanded Range of Activities & Convenience

Visual impairment is not simply an annoying condition. For some, it is a curse that limits what they can do with their lives. The limitations can be as random as unsuitability for extreme adventures and other activities. They could also be as serious as disqualification from entry into certain careers. Vision is simply crucial for a great deal of activities, falling below a standard can be dangerous. The use of contact lenses and prescription glasses just won’t cut it, especially for physically demanding activities. These items are considered hindrances to optimum performance, and most times cannot be permitted on the field.

Examples of those that are strict with vision requirements include, the armed forces and the aviation industry. You cannot be admitted to the Navy if you have less than perfect eyesight. It is needed for the job in which you will be handling sensitive situations. You need to have a good awareness of your surroundings at all times in order to make the best possible decisions under certain circumstances.

Similarly, pilots are tasked with ensuring the safety of countless passengers during flights. There are already so many things to worry about including aircraft security, unfavorable weather, and mechanical malfunction. Pilots should not be among them, demonstrating perfect vision and clarity of thought; and with LASIK surgery, they don’t have to worry.

With regards to leisure activities, some of the ones that are off-limits to bespectacled individuals include, sky diving and comparable extreme sports wherein the object might fall due to the intensity of the action. Cycling is fine as long as it is done leisurely on a safe path with the appropriate corrective eyewear. More intense racing will be rather difficult with naturally perfect vision especially if using a mountain bike on gnarly terrain. Then there is the inconvenience of constantly having to keep up with glasses or contact lenses. With LASIK surgery there are no more repairs, 3 Ways LASIK Can Be Better Than Glasses & Contactsreplacements, cleansers, and losing visual aids. Schedule your LASIK surgery consultation.

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