3 Ways to Tell if You’re A Candidate for LASIK

If you want to improve your vision, and if you are tired of wearing glasses or contact lens, one solution is LASIK surgery.

LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is refractive surgery that corrects a few of the most common vision problems, like farsightedness. However, before you start looking for a LASIK Specialist, you need to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Are You Healthy?

The best candidates for LASIK are overall healthy people. Unfortunately, certain medical conditions can increase the complications from the surgery. For example, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases could affect the results of the surgery. Pregnancy can also prevent some women from having the surgery.

If you are taking medications for any health problem, make certain that these drugs aren’t interfering with your vision. Overall, if you are considering LASIK surgery, it’s best to first check with your doctor to find out if you have any medical issues, conditions, or take certain medications that could make you a poor candidate for LASIK.

Do You Have Eye Problems?

If you deal with simple near or far-sightedness, or have astigmatism, then these conditions can be eradicated with LASIK surgery. However, there are several eye conditions that could make LASIK surgery a huge risk, instead of a benefit. If you know you have chronic conditions- such as, glaucoma or cataracts, then you’ll need to reconsider having the surgery. If you have an inflammatory condition, like pink eye, you’ll need to wait until the infection clears and heals before having the surgery. Chronic dry eyes can also make you a poor candidate.

Can You Afford the Cost?

LASIK surgery is an elective surgery, according to most insurance companies. Therefore, you’ll have to pay for the surgery yourself, in out-of-pocket costs. However, it is important to note that if you can’t afford to have a qualified LASIK doctor perform the procedure, then you shouldn’t have the surgery. Receiving quality care and surgical skill are crucial to successful LASIK results, and are well worth the cost.

LASIK surgery is ultimately the best way to see clearly with perfect vision, reducing your dependency on having to wear contact lenses or glasses. If you are a good candidate for LASIK, then you are generally healthy, you have simple vision problems, and you are able to afford to pay for getting the best vision results available today.

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