5 Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery in 2017

If you’re considering making resolutions for the New Year, why not make one for improving your vision with LASIK surgery?  Quite often, people make resolutions that especially involve taking better care of their physical health; unfortunately, many people disregard eyesight when thinking of personal well-being. However, with LASIK the goal is to provide better eyesight; and as a result, people can come one step closer to obtaining better overall health. Below, are 5 reasons why you should consider LASIK surgery in 2017.

Better Eyesight

Most people get LASIK in order to see more clearly. However, many are unaware that the procedure can help some achieve 20/20 or better vision. Whether a person’s vision is blurred by nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness, eye surgery can correct this by reshaping the cornea with a laser.

Greater Self-Esteem

If someone has ever felt self-conscious because of their eyeglasses, they are not alone. Most who wear glasses occasionally feel awkward, and many patients list this as a reason to get laser eye surgery.

More Freedom

After a patient gets eye surgery, they will be able to see clearly without the need to remember to bring glasses, contacts and solution. The freedom to go without corrective lenses can be more liberating than one can imagine, and it gives the patient time to focus on more important things.

Increased Activity

It can be very frustrating to try to be active with corrective lenses. Glasses can get in the way, and contact lenses may become lost or irritated during sports. With LASIK surgery, patients no longer need to worry. They can enjoy the activities they love without the problems posed by contact lenses and eyeglasses.


While LASIK surgery may seem like an expensive option, it may help patients save money in the long term. Through the years, contacts, glasses, and exams can end up costing more than the procedure, which can pay for itself in roughly seven years. Additionally, most surgeons offer financing to make corrective surgery even more affordable.

Perhaps the most important and greatest reason for choosing to have LASIK surgery in 2017 is the fact that those who choose Dr. John Goosey as their LASIK surgeon, get to experience every benefit that this procedure has to offer. If you’re going to have eye surgery, make sure you put your eyes in America’s BEST hands! Contact Dr. Goosey’s office today to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation at 713-234-6134.

2017 is the Year to see clearly and live better!

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