7 Ways to Keep Your Corneas Healthy

The protective, transparent outer layer of your eye is called the cornea. It has an elliptical curvature that refracts light and it contributes to approximately two-thirds of the total focusing power of the eye.

Below are 7 ways to keep your corneas healthy:

#1 Get Your Eyes Examined

Seeing an eye specialist is vital. Experts recommend that all children should undergo a full eye examination before starting kindergarten, and then at intervals every few years. Additionally, adults should get their eyes examined annually, even if no obvious problem is there.

#2 Wear Sunglasses with UV Protection

Research has indicated that repeated exposure to the sun could negatively affect the corneas. The bigger the lenses of the sunglasses, the better protected the eyes will be.

#3 Manage Diabetes

Diabetics should get a yearly eye exam. Poor control of the blood sugar elevates the risk of this condition affecting the eyes.

#4 Eye Protection

Welding and other high-risk occupations require eye protection. However, the wearing of goggles should also be deemed important in activities like skiing, cutting the yard, or gardening, and playing certain sports.

#5 Stop Smoking

Some macular degeneration patients have experienced a reduction in the severity and risk of the condition by eating right, and using supplement of zinc and vitamins A, C and E. However, better results will be obtained when an individual stops smoking.

#6 Take Out the Contacts

Leaving in your contacts for too long, particularly overnight, could result in infection. Many eye specialists do not recommend it, even if the lenses are approved for extended wear.

#7 Get Cataract Surgery without Delay

Many patients with cataracts wait years to get surgery. However, the longer the wait, the higher the risk will be to get the cataract out. A low complication rate is linked to cataract surgery. Therefore, individuals with this condition should have a discussion with an eye specialist to determine whether surgery is a suitable option.

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