Comparing Houston Retinal & Corneal Specialists

Whether you live in Houston, or any major city, in order to find the right eye specialist, it starts with understanding the basics of what each school of eye care does. Different parts of the eye can suffer vastly different conditions, which require vastly different treatments. Most patients see a general optometrist to have eyes examined. If the optometrist suspects further issues of the eye, he or she will refer you to a Houston ophthalmology specialist.

For example, a Houston cornea specialist may strictly treat difficulties involving the front lens of the eye; while another will diagnose and treat problems in the retina, which is at the back of the eye- the rear focal part.

A cornea specialist studies a variety of diseases and conditions that can affect the clear, dome-shaped part of the eye, which helps shield the eye against dust and other hazards. The cornea allows light to pass to the retina and is responsible for three-quarters of the eye’s ability to focus and see.

A Houston cornea specialist can provide LASIK surgery to fix vision as related to the lens. This eye doctor can also perform corneal transplants to help those with cloudy or damaged lenses. Since the cornea has no blood vessels and relies on interior eye fluid for nutrients, a condition known as dry eyes should be treated by a cornea specialist.

To become a retinal specialist, a Houston ophthalmologist must have received additional vitreo-retinal training. This provides additional medical insight into the problems that can occur in the back of the eyes, as well as the appropriate treatment.

Retina specialists deal with three major parts of the complex vision system:

  • The light-sensitive retina
  • The macula- which provides sharp focus and translates the light to electrical signals.
  • The vitreous body- which is a transparent gel that sits in the space between the lens and the retina.

Many conditions or diseases of the eyes can cause permanent blindness, though most are treatable. Your optometrist will be able to refer you to the appropriate ophthalmologist. For Houston’s best in cornea specialist eye care, schedule your next appointment with Dr. Goosey at Houston Eye Associates.

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