For Good Eye Health

Eye exercises help keep our eyes healthy naturally. Eye exercises help strengthen the eye muscles and improve eye movements, develop focus and stimulate the vision center of the brain. However, since there is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of these exercises, most eye specialist Houston doctors recommend these exercises for blurred vision, eye strain, headaches, tired eyes or increasing sensitivity to bright light. It must be noted that eye vision exercises are not meant to improve your vision, but are done to keep your eyes healthy, maintain your eyesight level and prevent further vision deterioration.

Best Exercises for Eyes


This eye exercise is often suggested by eye doctors as a way to relax the eyes and mind within a few minutes.

  • Place your elbows on your desk or table.
  • Close your eyes. Cover your eyes gently with the cup of your palm in a way that the fingers are on your forehead and the heel of your hands rested on your cheekbones.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the eyes. Allow your eyes to blink freely.
  • Gaze in the darkness and relax.
  • Hold this position for about one to three minutes


Blinking is often recommended to computer users to help reduce eye strain and keep eyes fresh.

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes open.
  • Blink about eight to ten times quickly.
  • Close your eyes and relax for about 20 seconds.
  • Repeat the process about five times.


This quick and easy eye strengthening exercise will help improve your focus skills and strengthen your eye muscles in general.

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Stretch your arms out and keep your thumb in the hitchhike position.
  • Try to focus on your thumb while your arm is outstretched.
  • Gradually bring your thumb closer to you until your thumb is about three inches from your face. Maintain your focus on the thumb all the time.
  • Now, slowly move your thumb away again stretching out your arm. Do not forget to maintain focus throughout.
  • Do this exercise for a few minutes at least once a day.

Eye massage

Eye massage exercises are often suggested to help reduce stress and revitalize tired eyes. However, it’s not advised to rub the eyes after any eye surgery or procedure, as this may damage the cornea.

  • Close your eyes and gently massage your eyes by moving the tip of your fingers over the eyelids.
  • Press lightly and not very hard.
  • Do 10 circular movements, first clockwise and then again counterclockwise.

Eye Movements

This eye exercise not only helps reduce stress, but also increases body and mind harmony. This exercise requires you to roll your eyes in different directions, vertically, horizontally and in circular movements, one at a time.

  • Vertical eye movements:
    When doing this exercise, move your eyes in up and down movements. Focus on what you see when you look up and down. Repeat the cycle of looking up and down five times at least thrice.
  • Horizontal eye movements:
    When moving your eyes side to side, take care to look straight ahead. Concentrate on what you see on each side (left and right). Move eyes horizontally five times. Repeat the process three times.
  • Circular eye movements:
    To do this exercise, look up towards the left and gradually move your eyes clockwise. Now, look down and move your eyes gradually towards the right. Do the movement clockwise and counterclockwise at least five times in each direction. Repeat the process three times.

Eye exercises should be done regularly to maintain good eye health. However, eye exercises prescribed by eye specialist Houston doctors usually depends on the age and existing eye problems of the patient. Therefore, consulting a professional before practicing natural vision exercises is highly recommended to help experience positive results. Contact Dr. Goosey today and schedule an eye exam!

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