A Cornea Specialist’s Role in LASIK Surgery

Because a healthy cornea is necessary for better vision, it is important to see a cornea specialist when problems arise, or if you’re considering LASIK surgery. The cornea is at the front of the eye, and this clear layer provides over half of the human eye’s focusing capabilities. Along with the sclera, the cornea protects the eye’s delicate parts from germs, dirt, and other foreign matter. Though most patients see eye doctors for exams and eyeglasses, certain conditions can put a person’s vision at risk. Read on to learn what a corneal surgeon does, and the benefits to seeing this kind of specialist for eye care.

Why Corneal Specialists are Great for LASIK and other Eye Surgeries

A corneal specialist is an ophthalmologist who has taken on a fellowship along with specialized training that allows them to learn the newest research and techniques in corneal surgery and medicine. When a doctor specializes in corneal care, they typically undergo continuing education to keep up with the latest surgical techniques, innovations, and developments in the field. The combination of education, medical pioneering, and utilization of the latest in medical technology is why cornea specialists are excellent choices for patients who are considering LASIK surgery, or if they need to have a cornea transplant.

When to See an Eye Specialist

If a patient has symptoms like excessive tearing, blurred vision, nausea, headache, eye pain, redness, or light sensitivity, they should see a cornea specialist as soon as possible. While the above symptoms can indicate other, non-corneal medical problems, it is vital to rule out these conditions before treatment continues. Another reason to see this type of specialist is if you are opting for, or need to have surgery. Typically, a primary care doctor, optometrist, or a general ophthalmologist will determine whether a patient needs to consult a specialist for LASIK eye surgery, or for more serious conditions that require surgery.

A cornea specialist like Dr. John Goosey has knowledge extending beyond that held by a general ophthalmologist, and is in the right position to explain a patient’s options for treatment. Depending on your diagnosis, he may recommend surgery or medicine to alleviate symptoms while preventing further damage to the cornea and your eyesight. Cornea specialists play an important role in overall vision care, corneal surgery, and the popular LASIK eye surgery procedure.

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