Cost of LASIK: How to Know the True Total by Itemizing

There are many factors which affect the cost of surgical vision correction

When assessing the cost of LASIK, it is important to define the inclusions that make up the price.

A pre-operative exam is a necessary part of the entire LASIK process; however, a many discount centers and even some doctors have a separate charge for the exam in order to give the perception of a lower price for the surgery.

It is important that you verify if the preoperative exam is included in the price given for the surgery

Some patients may be required to be cleared by their family physician during a preoperative physical. This should be disclosed at the very beginning when you provide your medical history to the LASIK surgeon you have chosen.

Also, anti-inflammatory eye drops could cost as much as $300 and may not be included in the cost of LASIK surgery.

At times, the post-operative appointment is itemized separately from the surgery. A discussion regarding possible complications and their costs is suggested.

In fact, equipment used for additional critical tests such as corneal pachymetry, corneal topography, tear film analysis, pupil size are at times only accessible at various price points.

Cornea expert Dr. John Goosey starts the process with a FREE LASIK CONSULTATION

At the medical practice of Dr. John Goosey in Houston, TX the LASIK process starts with a FREE LASIK consultation. This Free LASIK consultation includes a discussion and preliminary tests. Once the tests look promising, the succeeding step is a comprehensive exam with the eye surgeon. This is then followed by another discussion of the test results. Since a surgeon’s time is critical and care provided by surgeons is the highest ticket item, business-oriented centers have decreased costs by taking away the surgeon from the process. In some cases, the patient sees the surgeon one time during the actual procedure.

Cost of LASIK checklist

(_) pre-op exam

(_) additional critical tests

(_) pre-op physical

(_) drops

(_) post-op exam

(_) additional post-op care for complications

Want to start the process of determining if you are a LASIK candidate?

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