Don’t Be SPOOKED About LASIK Eye Surgery

As Halloween approaches, one thing that should not induce fear is LASIK eye surgery. Many people are frightened of this treatment because it involves lasers, and a vulnerable yet crucial part of the body. In fact, this procedure safely treats astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness in most instances; and has been successfully providing permanent vision correction for over 20 years. And as with any medical treatment, LASIK does involve certain risks, though low. Therefore, the more you know, the less SPOOKED you’ll be.

Understand the Process

When surgeons utilize lasers for this purpose, they use computers to control the beams. The laser does not produce any heat. A physician can instantly activate or deactivate it when necessary. These professionals carefully examine patients’ eyes before taking action. This ensures no existing health problems will interfere with the treatment or create risks. For example, people with glaucoma normally should not undergo LASIK eye surgery.

Trust Experienced Surgeons

Safety differs based upon the specific doctor a patient visits. A more experienced and reputable practitioner is less likely to make any mistakes. Another factor is the specific laser equipment a physician uses. It remains important for patients to compare multiple doctors and eye care facilities before scheduling this type of surgery.

Know the Facts

Some people worry about LASIK because of negative information they encountered in the past. Fortunately, the latest laser treatments produce better results due to computer precision technology. They do not require any physical incisions. Patients experience fewer side effects when they undergo today’s laser correction procedures. Likewise, utilizing modern equipment and techniques are more likely to yield the desired benefits.

Be Aware of Complications

Relatively few people report long-term side effects. Dryness, light sensitivity, blurring, glare or mild pain may occur after the treatment. However, when patients follow their eye doctor’s aftercare recommendations, the healing process is rapid and smooth. It is possible, though very rare, for a person’s eyesight to permanently become worse; however, there are multiple factors involved in such an instance. No one has completely lost their vision as a result of LASIK surgery. Anesthetics ensure patients do not experience pain while doctors perform this procedure.

The above-mentioned risks are small compared to those associated with many other health treatments. Consequently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved LASIK; and about four out of five people say they are mostly, or entirely, satisfied with this procedure. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be SPOOKED about when it comes to LASIK, especially if you choose a qualified cornea specialist, like Dr. Goosey, follow all the instructions, and avoid driving soon after treatment.

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