Eye Doctors Urge Students to Get This for Back-To-School…

August means “Back-To-School” for most students across the country. From Kindergarten through college, classrooms will once again be filled as another new school year commences. August also happens to be National Eye Exam Month, which is a nice coincidence given the importance of good eyesight when studying. Each year, a growing number of students suffer from poor eye sight, which affects their academic performance. Eye health should be maintained to ensure optimal vision across a lifetime; moreover, eye health also has a significant effect on one’s overall well-being.

Why Get an Eye Exam?

Ultimately, students of all ages should have their eyes checked before tackling the new school year. In fact, professional eye doctors in Houston, and across the country, urge students now more than ever to have annual eye exams. Due to the increased usage of mobile phones, smaller computers, and electronic devices of every kind, students today frequently put their eyes to work at home just as much as they do in school. This can increase a student’s need for corrective lenses, and eye exams are the only way to determine if vision assistance is needed.

During the exam, eye doctors are able to assess visual acuity, refraction, pupil function, ocular motility, visual field, intra-ocular pressure, and much more. Normal visual acuity is 20/20, which is usually measured using a Snellen chart. During the course of the exam, if visual acuity is off, the doctor could find signs of an eye condition where corrective lenses are required.

Eye doctors are also able to detect various eye diseases, as well as other more serious health conditions. Things like chronic dry eyes, diabetes, and heart disease, for example, can seriously threaten one’s quality and way of life. This is why early detection is crucial for a student of any age, and eye examinations can help guide patients to the proper healthcare professional for additional support and treatment.

Ensure Student Academic Success

Getting everything sorted out after an eye exam ensures that students will be ready to face the challenges of school. At the very least, their vision will not fail them when they need it most. For example, they might be seated at the back of the room but will be able to see what’s written on the board quite clearly because they have contact lenses or glasses to help.

With good vision, students can also avoid experiencing issues like headaches, eye strain and fatigue, even behavioral issues. These issues can happen both inside the classroom, or at home while they are working on their homework. All of these issues are signs of vision problems. Hours of research and writing can also cause a lot of problems. However, having proper eyewear can help reduce glare so that student eyes don’t feel strained by looking at the bright screen the whole day. Being more comfortable will allow your student to focus, maintain good energy, and have the confidence to achieve improved academic performance.

Seeing Beyond Corrective Lenses

In most cases, students will need the assistance of prescription eye glasses or contact lenses to help them see well in school and do well academically. However, sometimes more serious eye conditions are detected during a student eye exam. In these cases, optometrists will refer patients to an ophthalmologist for additional medical support. If your student is experiencing a chronic eye condition, or considering LASIK surgery, contact Dr. John Goosey of Houston Eye Associates today.

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