Five Foods That Boost Eye Health

Often, we will go over some of the different types of food that contain essential vitamins and minerals to enhance and maintain eye health. While items like carrots, vegetables and orange-colored fruits frequently get mentioned because of the Beta-carotene (a type of vitamin A) that helps the retina, there are many other foods that contain eye-enriching ingredients that should be added to a regular diet.

But while vitamin A is great for your eyes and vision, there are many other known minerals and vitamins that can also help your eyes. While some may already be a staple of your personal diet, there are several other nutrients that are essentially for healthy eyes, whose connection to eye health is not as well-known.

Be sure to make these five foods a part of your regular diet to keep your eyes healthy and strong.


While eggs normally aren’t viewed as a type of food that can benefit your eyes, the yolk contains both lutein (a carotenoid vitamin, similar to Vitamin A) and zeaxanthin, another antioxidant that is crucial for protecting your retina from harmful UV rays. In addition, the yolk also contains moderate levels of zinc, which helps reduce your risk of macular degeneration


Not only are almonds a close cousin of Pistachios, they are also rich in vitamin E which can also slow macular degeneration.  A great, healthy alternative for an afternoon snack, you can get nearly half your daily recommended dose of vitamin E with just one ounce.

Leafy greens

Can’t get enough lutein and zeaxanthin? Leafy green such as spinach and kale are packed with the powerful antioxidants. Studies have shown that greens can also reduce the likelihood of developing cataracts later on in life also.

Citrus Fruits

Not only are citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, but in addition to the boost they can provide your immune system, vitamin C rich food have also been shown to reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts too!


Many types of fish including salmon, tuna and trout are loadded with DHA, a fatty acid that is found in the retina. Individuals that have low levels of DHA are at a higher risk for dry eye syndrome.

A balanced diet, rich in nutrients and minerals such as vitamins A, E and C along with other such as lutein, zeaxanthin and DHA can all enhance and strengthen the health of your eye. At Dr. Goosey’s office, we understand that keeping healthy eyes is also indicative of good overall health and we are committed to helping you maintain your ongoing eye health.

If you would like more information on other ways you can keep your eyes strong and healthy, contact Dr. Goosey’s office today!

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