Why Get LASIK in Houston?

Many people take their eyesight for granted, especially knowing how important having good vision is as it pertains to how we conduct our daily life. When it’s time for laser eye surgery, choosing the right LASIK surgeon is a very important decision. Your eyes are too valuable to entrust to anyone but the most experienced surgeon you can find. When it comes to eye care and having LASIK in Houston, there are a few things you should know…

Tips on Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

At a minimum, you should look for a surgeon with beyond-average training and experience. Nothing less should be acceptable.

  • Board Certification- When a surgeon is board certified, he and she has completed specific training and has furthered their education in a specialty. LASIK surgeons should be licensed ophthalmologists. Furthermore, if they’re extremely knowledgeable, specializing in corneal care and laser refractive surgery are absolute pluses!
  • Experience- Choose a surgeon who has performed many successful surgeries, and is very familiar and comfortable performing the surgery you need. This is especially so for LASIK and other forms of laser eye procedures.
  • Get to Know Houston’s Premier LASIK Surgeon- In 1993, John Goosey began studying how best to use lasers to correct astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). In addition to performing LASIK in Houston, he travels worldwide speaking and training other surgeons.

Why Get LASIK in Houston?

Dr. Goosey is widely acknowledged as Houston’s premier eye surgeon. He is a cornea specialist and a very experienced and innovative eye surgeon. When eye surgeons need treatment for themselves or their families, they call on Dr. Goosey, “The Specialists’ Specialist.” Ultimately, getting LASIK from Dr. Goosey means getting LASIK from one of the best surgeons in Houston.

From innovative use of advanced laser technology, to his vast knowledge and expertise, Dr. Goosey‘s accomplishments speak for themselves. It’s time for you to learn more and consider LASIK surgery with the best! Do your eyes deserve anything less? We think not; so why not take the first step to better vision and free yourself from using contact lenses and glasses?

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