What Happens During a LASIK Consultation?

LASIK or laser eye surgery often permanently corrects vision problems so that you never need to wear glasses or contact lenses again. A Houston LASIK surgeon like Dr. Goosey, determines whether you are a good candidate for the surgery during an examination and consultation to assess your medical history, goals for having the surgery and the overall health of your eyes.

Eye Health Varies Tremendously

Each pair of eyes has unique qualities due to aging, general health, cornea condition and shape variations. Because 20% of patients don’t qualify for the surgery, LASIK doctors schedule preliminary examinations to determine whether each candidate is a good risk for the surgery.

The LASIK Consultation

Most ophthalmologists insist that you stop wearing your contacts at least 3 days for soft contacts and 7 days for hard contacts before the consultation. Your doctor will give you a comprehensive eye examination that includes:

• Taking a complete medical history
• Examining your cornea topographically to determine shape, condition and thickness
• Determining overall eye health through a retinal scan
• Using advanced computer-assisted diagnostics to generate a three-dimensional map of your optical features

After the scans, your Houston LASIK surgeon will conduct a pupilometer exam to measure how your pupil dilates in bright and dim light. The various tests take about 60 minutes and will give your doctor the information necessary to discuss your case realistically. The personal consultation will reveal whether the surgery will improve your vision, and by how much, so that you can make an informed decision. The doctor will explain the test results in language you can understand and offer the best guess or prognosis about what results to expect. You don’t have to decide immediately but should consider the information carefully at home, weighing the risks, costs and potential benefits of the surgery.

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