So, What Happens After LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery has become increasingly popular, and millions of people who once wore glasses or contacts have benefited from this innovative, fast, and effective procedure. However, some may wonder what happens after LASIK surgery; read on to learn more about what to be aware of during recovery to ensure positive results.

For the first few hours after LASIK surgery, many patients experience watery or irritated itchy eyes, some redness, sensitivity to light, and blurry or fluctuating vision. Wearing sunglasses immediately following surgery helps with sensitivity. Though patients will be able to see very well after LASIK, most patients opt to have a valium to relax during the surgery, and therefore, will need someone to drive them home. They also will take different eyedrop prescriptions to keep the eyes moist, medicated, and to help reduce irritation.

Once home, patients are encouraged to sleep. Many will experience fatigue due to the sedative given just before surgery, and have tired eyes from having them open for an extended period. Sleep and rest provide the perfect opportunity for each eye’s lens flap to naturally heal. Patients will also be given protective sleep goggles that must be worn as instructed.

Patients are driving the day after LASIK surgery, and return to work the next day as well. Dr. Goosey will require a follow-up appointment for the day after surgery to ensure that eyes are properly healing, and to test vision sharpness.  It is normal for patients to experience fluctuations with blurred vision, light sensitivity, and dry eyes months after LASIK; however, everyone’s complete healing process can vary over time as the eyes adjust and naturally heal on their own. Patients can continue use of OTC eyedrops as needed.

The DO’s After Surgery:

For best results, patients should protect the eyes at all times, wear light protective shades outside, and follow all the LASIK surgeon’s recovery period instructions. Patients can go about their normal daily activities right away, and can even participate in sports, if they wear protective sport goggles.  Ultimately, following instructions gives the eyes proper time to heal.

The DON’Ts After Surgery:

Touching and rubbing the eyes, or things like strenuous activities that can put pressure on the eyes, under water activities, and scuba diving should be avoided for a medically recommended period of time. Also, patients will be instructed on how long to avoid getting water in the eyes or putting on eye makeup. Overall, rest and common sense are the best remedies for recovery.


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