Helping Elderly Parents Get Through Cataract Surgery

The gift of sight is a precious thing; and as we age, sometimes our sight begins to decrease through the burden of cataracts. While common, cataracts can certainly rob us of seeing the world clearly. It can also make everyday tasks and participating in familiar activities very difficult. When this happens, it is especially difficult on parents, and worrisome for their grown children who want to help them make the right decision. If your Mother or Father’s eye doctor has recommended that he or she would benefit from cataract surgery, these tips can help you ensure that everything goes smoothly for them from before the surgery to their healing process. As your parents age, know that before, during, and after having cataract surgery, they are going to need appropriate support and care to help them get through it.

Set Plans & Do Your Research Ahead Of Time

Once you learn that Mom or Dad need cataract surgery, it will be time to do some homework. The first call to make may be to their insurance company to get all of the details behind costs and fees; as well as to learn what’s covered, and what may not be covered before or after the surgery. Every procedure, from the test to the lens, will be priced differently. You should know that many insurances, like Medicare, may only cover the cost of a standard monofocal lens. So planning out financial costs, coordinating after care, and preparing in the event of complications or unexpected events/fees will be vital to helping them get through.

Weigh-Out All The Options

Parents can choose to have their cataract surgery either at the hospital or at a specialty surgery center. Factors for making the best choice may depend upon the cost of the procedure, and the location of the facility. The doctor may also inform you that there are options for different types of lenses. Help Mom and Dad get the facts on all of their options so they can check them out with the insurance company before making a final decision.

Provide Accurate Unbiased Information

We sometimes attempt to take on the role the parent in our relationships when Mom and Dad become elderly. However, this can feel demeaning, making aging parents feel like they do not have a say-so in their own health care or life. Avoid this common snafu by providing them with accurate, unbiased information, like risk factors, pros and cons, as well as what to expect after having cataract surgery. Then, make a decision as a team.

Be There

One of the most important things you can do to help is to show up and be there for your parents. From the surgery, to the aftercare, your parent will feel more secure in their choice and recovery when you are there to lend a hand to support them.

Cataract surgery can greatly improve parents’ eyesight, and help them see the world more clearly. When you pitch in and help them get the surgery they need, you will be giving the gift of allowing them to see that you love and care for them too much to let them go it alone.

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