How Often Should You Change Your Contact Lenses

How often should a person change contact lenses? What is meant by the term “disposable lenses?”

Optimal Rotation of Contact Lenses for Optical Vision Health

Consumers are often confused as to the difference between how often they should take out their lenses, and how frequently they should be replaced. Today, contact lens wearers can choose from three types: disposable, frequent replacement, and traditional reusable contact lenses.

How Products Differ

The terms above refer to when your lenses should hit the trash bin. A disposable pair is intended for at least bi-weekly disposal. Lenses for frequent replacement need to be changed every 1-3 months. You can switch traditional reusable contact lenses around twice yearly, or every 6 months.

Duration of Wear

An eye specialist is the best person to comment on individual wear and suitable recommendations; yet, there are also consumers who know what their eyes can tolerate when it comes to duration of contact lens wear. Extended-wear products can be left in, even overnight, for more than 2 days. Daily-wear types go into the garbage when you are ready for bed every night.


Consumers find that between cleaning products and replacement costs, there isn’t much difference. You won’t notice a big change in your budget between opting for traditional lenses for long-term use, or daily-wear lenses. Ultimately it’s a matter of personal preference.

Why Dispose of Them?

Cleaning solutions do an admirable job of getting rid of residue, especially when you wear traditional or frequent-replacement contact lenses. Over time, though, fat, minerals, and proteins leave a film which causes three problems: they affect visibility, lenses become uncomfortable, and you could be more likely to develop an infection in your eyes. Cleaning solutions cannot remove these substances after a certain point, but higher quality types (the old-fashioned ones you replace semi-annually) are better at resisting build-up. Thus, the need for disposing certain types of lenses.

Which One Should I Choose?

Ask your eye specialist about the best product for your eyes. If you have a history of infections, it might be best to wear contact lenses that have to be thrown out regularly. You may also have to try several styles to determine which sort feels best.

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