Improve Vision for the Holidays with LASIK Eye Surgery

The holidays can be much more enjoyable without having to deal with the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. That’s where procedures designed to correct eye issues enter the picture.

However, there are a few things anyone considering LASIK eye surgery should think about in advance, so they can make the most of their holiday events this year.

It starts with a professional consultation. LASIK isn’t right for everyone, and for those who aren’t a good candidate for the procedure, it’s best to find out early so that they can explore various other options that the eye surgeon will share. Fortunately, most people can benefit from LASIK and an experienced surgeon can evaluate a patient’s potential results from the procedure to help them determine whether it’s the right time to have the surgery.

Corrective vision surgery can cost several thousand dollars, so it’s important to plan ahead. Although the cost of the procedure may seem out of reach for some people, there are a variety of ways to pay for it. When it isn’t feasible to save the entire cost of the procedure prior to the surgery date, using a flexible spending account, or obtaining financing through the provider’s office, can be great options. Anyone who might be interested in getting this procedure done prior to the holidays should plan in advance for financing to avoid any delays. Though LASIK can be a bit of an investment, the cost ultimately saves you money over time, compared to the cost of annual vision prescriptions, glasses, contacts and all that comes with them.

The LASIK procedure only takes about 30 minutes. The medical staff place numbing drops in the eye and a device is used to keep the eye open. The eye doctor will use a laser to precisely cut the cornea. Patients are able to see during the procedure, yet vision may be blurry while the surgery is taking place, and they do not feel any pain. Patients are awake during the procedure and may be asked to look at the light.

Recovery takes 2-3 days after having LASIK eye surgery Houston. Therefore, patients should be careful not to rub or touch the treated eye for a few days. Dr. Goosey will likely prescribe eye drops to be used per the instructions to prevent infection while the eyes heal. Watery eyes and redness are common, and patients see the doctor for a follow-up 24-48 hours’ post op. It’s important to not allow anything, including water, to get into the eyes the day after surgery and to wear an eye shield at night to prevent injury while sleeping.

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