LASIK at The Masters

As the world’s greatest golfers gather in Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia this weekend for the annual, 2015 Masters Golf Tournament, many of them might be willing to acknowledge that they may not be competing this weekend if it hadn’t been for the beneficial effects of LASIK surgery to improve their game.

As many of us already know (the hard, frustrating way), golf is a challenging game that relies on both precision and accuracy. Golfers need to routinely hit from 250-300 yards into tight lies, fast greens and away from hazards. British golf architect Alister MacKenzie provided Augusta National Golf Club with some of golf’s most famous holes there, constructed to permit very small margins for error for professionals that are teeing off this week. The margins for error are minuscule and when you add other outside factors such as weather and wind condition, the difference between places can often be as slim as one stroke.

With The Master’s being the first of golf’s four majors and given the narrow margins involved, PGA players will do everything to ensure they are in peak mental and physical condition, and many of them have opted for LASIK surgery.

While no longer the top golfer in the world, after a lengthy break, Tiger Woods returned to the links today on the same course where he won his first Major and everyone will be watching to see how he does in his return. Tiger is one of the many professional players who has had both eyes treated with LASIK surgery.

Another LASIK-treated PGAer is one of Tiger’s oldest rivals on the Tour – Spaniard, Sergio Garcia. Perhaps the greatest golfer to have never won a Major, Garcia will be seeking his first green jacket and after yesterday’s round, finds himself among the top of the leaderboard after 18. Sergio had LASIK surgery in 2012 and perhaps this is the weekend he finds that elusive Major Championship.

Irish golfer Padraig Harrington is another top golfer who has had LASIK surgery done and has three Major titles. In fact,  Harrington was so pleased by the results of his LASIK surgery that he agreed to take part in an advertising campaign promoting it. At an even 72 for the day, Harrington looks to make the climb over tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

While Dr. Goosey can’t promise LASIK will help you qualify for this year’s next Major, the U.S. Open at Chamber’s Bay, Washington, but it will definitely provide lasting benefits to both your vision and confidence. Follow the Master’s this weekend and think about how many strokes LASIK can shave off your game!

If you are considering LASIK, contact Dr. Goosey and start seeing clearer today!

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