The First and Best LASIK Doctors Houston Has Known

Medical science has witnessed a number of miraculous advancements over the last several decades. While some of these new healthcare technologies are still in their infancy, others have progressed from revolutionary, albeit experimental, procedures to the point of being everyday options for almost everyone. Among the most amazing breakthroughs is the surgical procedure known as LASIK, along with its various derivatives. When it comes to finding LASIK doctors Houston is in luck. Dr. Goosey was one of the first doctors in Houston to perform Laser Vision Correction in 1992.

Highly-trained specialists like these know everything there is to know about helping patients to improve their vision permanently. Naturally there are a few things to be careful about when considering LASIK. There are a few most important items to keep in mind.

There are risks involved in any surgical procedure and LASIK is one such procedure. The most important point of caution, however, does not rest upon worries about a successful operation but about whether or not a particular patient is a viable candidate. Some people do have certain problems or genetic variations in their eye structure that make them unlikely to be helped and are generally informed of such conditions after a careful pre-operative consultation.

For those who gain approval for the procedure, the risks of surgical complications have fallen from a rate of about 1-5% in the early days of LASIK to somewhere between 0.3 and 1.0 % using the most modern equipment and techniques.

For that one person out of every two or three hundred who encounters some slight form of difficulty during the operation, most of these complications are on the order of slight glitches such as an eye flap failing to seal properly after surgery, and are thus easily correctable with a second treatment.

One sign of vastly increased satisfaction with the procedure is the US military’s wholehearted adoption of laser vision correction as an alternative to issuing corrective eyewear to personnel. Several hundred thousand American personnel have already undergone the procedure and, according to one recent study only a single patient out of a study pool of more than 100,000 suffered complications sufficient to warrant retirement on account of medical disability.

With regards to the effectiveness of the procedure, another study of military laser correction patients revealed that an even 100% of Navy and Marine Corps aviators who had LASIK performed on their eyes reported the achievement of perfect 20/20 vision at the end of their recovery period. It really cannot get any better than a perfect record of performance.

For those who are considering corrective procedures on their eyes, it is important to remember that most potential complications are detected in the screening process, which means that there is no chance of harm occurring. For those who elect to proceed, the LASIK doctors Houston relies upon have established an enviable record of success, and Dr. John Goosey is certainly among the best. For those who have completed the procedure, their newly-enhanced vision opens up an entirely new world of clarity and color. Contact our offices today for your LASIK consultation with Dr. Goosey.

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