Is LASIK Eye Surgery High Definition for Eye Sight?

Practiced since the mid 1990’s, Lasik eye surgery has grown in both demand and in medical advances while lowering in cost. But do we know enough about the long term results of this procedure? In short, ‘yes,’ says Dr. Kerry Solomon, director of the Carolina Eyecare Research Institute in South Carolina, whose mission is to advance “the field of ophthalmology with progressive, groundbreaking studies that improve not only our patients quality of life from Charleston and around the low country, but also those around the world.”

“People say we’re delivering ‘high-definition’ vision today, compared to standard definition we were years ago,” he went on to say. “We’re more automated and more accurate with what we do.” He reported a 90 to 98 percent success rate of achieving 20/20 vision in patients. For comparison, it was only 65 percent when the procedure was first FDA-approved in the 1990s.

The jump is due in part to the discarding of blades for precision lasers resulting in reduced impact during the process and better patient experiences, outcomes, and recovery times. The use of lasers in Lasik eye surgery has even reduced the instances of “dry-eye” and night vision issues in patients.

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