Is LASIK an Option for Patients with Diabetes?

While LASIK eye surgery is commonly used to correct vision issues, not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. Because diabetes is so common, patients with the condition should ask their ophthalmologist if the surgery will be appropriate to treat the vision issues they may be experiencing. Unfortunately, there is no one answer; however, in some cases, a LASIK Houston procedure may be available depending on the patient experiencing diabetes. It’s important to consider the following questions when determining whether patients with diabetes are good candidates for the procedure:

Are Blood Sugar Levels Under Control & Consistently Maintained?

To avoid potential issues, eye surgeons will insist that every patient has their blood sugar levels firmly under control. There are simply too many risks involved when the patient’s condition is not well controlled. As a rule, patients that are diabetic will need a statement from their treating practitioner assuring that the condition is, indeed, under control and being monitored.

Are Other Related Issues Present?

Many patients with diabetes also suffer from retinopathy, which impacts a large percentage of diabetics. If that condition is present, it will need to be evaluated by a LASIK surgeon or corneal specialist, like Dr. Goosey, to determine whether retinopathy is too advanced. If so, then LASIK will not be an option due to contraindications. However, if the condition is caught early, the patient may still qualify for LASIK. Patients with Type 1 diabetes are less likely to be approved for the surgery and are encouraged to consider other vision treatment options that are available.

Is Recovery Time an Issue?

A LASIK surgeon will always recommend patients with diabetes to take whatever time is necessary to recover from the surgery. While patients without diabetes typically recover quickly from the procedure, those with diabetes will almost certainly require more time to heal before they can resume normal activities. Dr. Goosey will have specific instructions tailored to diabetic patients, including aftercare details required following LASIK surgery.

Have You Consulted with a Surgeon Yet?

Since time is a factor, seeing an eye surgeon as soon as possible for an evaluation is important. If eye conditions deteriorate too much, it may no longer be possible for patients with diabetes to take advantage of LASIK. Contact Dr. Goosey’s office today for an appointment to determine what options are available for you; call (713) 558-8777.

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