How Much Do You Really Save With LASIK Surgery?

There’s no doubt the cost of LASIK can seem high when considering only the upfront price. On average, it costs around $2,000 for each eye and, in today’s economy, most people don’t have that much disposable money at any single period of time. However, it’s important to also think about the costs of glasses or contacts as well as how inconvenient it is to wear them every day. Depending on a person’s age, they could spend a lot more money on those items and their accessories over the years.

Contact Lenses

People who wear contacts pay for the convenience of not having to deal with glasses. The costs of basic contact lenses and their solution could cost a person hundreds of dollars per year. Toric, or day and night, contacts will cost even more. LASIK can easily pay for itself in about 20 years- or sooner depending on your vision needs; yet, that isn’t even the biggest benefit. Nearly everyone who wears contacts knows the struggle of removing them at night and seeing the clock when they wake up in the morning. After LASIK surgery, vision is clear without having to deal with putting in or taking out contacts, losing them, or having them shift during the day.


Wearing glasses is generally less expensive than wearing contact lenses. However, some people will spend nearly $1,000 on a single pair of glasses. Although basic lenses and frames are very affordable, after purchasing designer frames, add-ons to the lenses, and an annual trip to the eye doctor for an exam, the costs quickly add up. Since many people replace their glasses every two to three years, the cost of wearing premium glasses over a lifetime can certainly be more expensive than LASIK treatment by Dr. Goosey.

Ways to Pay for LASIK

Despite the obvious savings with LASIK surgery, many people will struggle to find the money to pay for it. Fortunately, there are some options that can benefit those who are serious about living their lives without glasses or contacts. An employer-sponsored flexible spending account is a great option for those who have it available to them. With this type of account, employees can pledge to contribute up to $2,550 for the year, which could easily pay for the cost of one eye. Some patients also finance their procedures through their provider with a zero percent interest loan.

When deciding whether to have LASIK or to continue wearing glasses or contacts, it can be helpful to consult with Houston’s premier LASIK surgeon to learn more about the risks and benefits of the procedure. Dr. Goosey’s professional staff can help those who are considering LASIK, figure out whether the cost is worthwhile, depending on personal circumstances.

Ultimately, it’s important to weigh the financial costs, as well as the convenience of living life without glasses or contacts. In some cases, the money is less of an issue than the ability to live life without having to bother with contacts or glasses. Every situation is different, and an experienced LASIK surgeon can help patients decide what is best for them.

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