What An Eye Doctor Would Say About National Eye Exam Month

As summer shortly comes to an end, it’s important to realize the significance of proper eye care. Periodic eye and vision examinations are a critical part of preventive healthcare. Millions of people have or develop problems with their vision each year. Some problems can cause permanent loss of vision or blindness, whereas others are ordinary problems that can be easily rectified with contact lenses, glasses, or corrective surgery. This is one of the main reasons to recognize National Eye Exam Month.  Below are some things your eye doctor would want you to know about this particular awareness month. Please read on…

1. August is National Eye Exam Month

The National Eye Exam Awareness was founded by Sears Optical in 1989. Since then, the month of August has been dedicated to the significance of eye health and safety. Sears was one of the first department stores to offer vision and eye care services,

2. Eye Exams Tell Us More Than Just How Well You Can See

Good vision is a crucial part of well-being and a significant factor in retaining the quality of life and independence patients are used to. Regular eye exams are also an essential part of detecting eye diseases early and preserving your vision. Eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts are quite common, and can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. A comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor is crucial to finding disease in the early stages when treatment to prevent loss of vision is most effective. Eye exams ensure you have the correct prescription and/or surgical treatment for your particular vision problem; which will also optimize performance, reduce eyestrain, and make your vision as clear as it should be.

More importantly, it is only during a comprehensive eye exam that an Eye Doctor is able to spot many other underlying medical conditions such as, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and migraines. Fortunately, these health threats can sometimes be detected before your general physician does. Therefore, having annual eye exams can become even more crucial to maintaining your overall health and well-being.

3. Many Eye Doctors Offer Promotions & Specials

More and more people are realizing the importance of having regular eye exams, just as they go for annual physicals and dental check-ups. With that in mind, the month of August is a busy time for Opticians, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists. These eye care professionals are more apt to offering various promotions and specials to encourage patients to have exams. Offers range from free eye exams and vision screenings, to subsidized corrective lenses and LASIK surgery specials.

4. You Can Perform Better in School

If you’re having vision problems, focusing at school can prove to be tough. According to various research findings, about one in four school-age children have vision problems, which significantly affects learning. Getting proper vision care and correction is a viable solution and helps students better succeed in school.

5. You Can Perform Better in Your Profession

Nothing is worse than trying to work an 8-hr day with eye strain, blurred vision, and terrible headaches. Whether your career requires visual acuity or not, everyone works better with proper vision. Eye exams can help you differentiate between stress caused from the job and stressed caused by vision problems. Better vision ultimately translates to improved efficiency at work.

If you haven’t had your annual Eye Exam this month, don’t wait any longer. Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Goosey today. Your eyes will thank you!

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