Nik Wallenda Tightrope-Walks Blindfolded After LASIK Surgery

ASIK doctors Houston based and all over the country have shared the story of Nik Wallenda, a 35-year-old stuntman who enjoys tightrope walking. Wallenda has been a tightrope walker since he was two years old and has been wearing eye contacts since the age of 14.

He decided to have LASIK surgery after his walk over the Grand Canyon Gorge because the contacts made his eyes dusty and dry. His entire family has been successful on the tightrope, though his children aren’t currently showing signs of carrying on the family’s lineage.

Chicago Walk

After having LASIK surgery, Wallenda wondered if he would still be able to do the thing he most enjoyed if he were blind or partially blind, which is why he decided to do the blindfolded walk in Chicago.

The walk was in two different parts. The first part was from the Marina City west tower to the Leo Burnett building, which was 454 feet long and on a 15-degree incline. He was not too worried about the incline, as he had done even more daring stunts with a larger incline in the past.

After his first trip, he donned a blindfold and walked the tightrope again between the two towers.

The Windy City of Chicago is aptly named because the wind coming off Lake Michigan can be extreme, making it a challenge to tightrope walk from one building to another, especially higher up in the air. However, Wallenda was never concerned because he continuously trains with wind machines of up to 120 mph.


While Nik Wallenda had no safety net, he felt completely safe on his trip because he has been training for years to reach out and grab the wire if he should fall and, in addition, to hold on to the wire for up to 20 minutes. The length from the ground to the wire doesn’t make any difference and he has a great team that can rescue him from anywhere on his cable in about 90 seconds.


Nik’s estimations of 12 to 15 minutes to get across the first walk and two to three minutes to get across the second set were a little overestimated, as he finished the first part of the walk in a little under seven minutes and the second part of the walk (blindfolded) in about a minute and a half.


LASIK doctors understand that the decision to get the surgery is tough and is a life-changing event. Nik Wallenda understands this, as well. He went ahead with the surgery and is pleased with the results. It is important to consider your options carefully and to understand that a laser will be pointed into your eye to fix whatever eye problems you have.

Though you are not likely to do something so daring with your new eyesight, it is important to consider all the things you are missing because of poor eyesight. You won’t have to worry about breaking your glasses or losing your contacts, and will be able to see everything clearly. Contact one of the best LASIK doctors Houston has to offer, Dr. John Goosey, for your life-changing LASIK consultation!

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