One Of America’s Top Eye Doctors In Houston

What does it mean to be recognized as the best in your field? Whether you are a CEO, an attorney, or an eye doctor, being rated as “America’s Top” is truly a great honor. Houston’s leading laser eye surgeon and cornea specialist, Dr. John Goosey, has once again received the distinct honor of being named one of America’s Top Ophthalmologists in 2016. According to the Consumer’s Research Council of America. This accolade is bestowed upon ophthalmologists, and other professionals, who have been selected through a consumer rated value point system.

Top Eye Doctor Selection Process

Several distinguishing factors contribute to the selection. These include the candidate’s affiliations or memberships in ophthalmic associations, continuing involvement in training and educational development in the field, as well as overall professional experience. Being the best means that the professional adds value to their field, and contributes expert knowledge, innovative techniques, and vital industry improvements that change history and change lives. Dr. Goosey excels in each of these areas, and is proud to add this honor to his list of recognitions.

Since the early 1990’s, Dr. Goosey has been truly instrumental in perfecting various vision correction procedures. Not only is he widely known as “The Specialist’s Specialist” in Houston, he has gained nationwide attention and respect in his field. He has become the leader in the field of corneal transplants and laser surgical techniques, having performed over 30,000 refractive procedures. Dr. Goosey is the premier LASIK eye doctor, and is even considered a true LASIK surgery specialist. His experience and expertise have made him a highly sought after speaker, as well as an educational contributor to multiple textbooks related to the field.

Dr. Goosey stays up to date on the most recent technology, and ensures that this technology is used in his practice. He wants each patient to not only experience, but also benefit from the most advanced equipment in the field. His experience, knowledge, and commitment to his patients have made him one of the most respected eye doctors in Houston. Fellow surgeons, physicians, and peers of Dr. Goosey, consistently nominate him for various forms of acknowledgment. Once again, his work has gained him the impressive distinction of being one of America’s best!

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