One Houston LASIK Surgeon is Skilled Beyond the Rest

One Houston LASIK Surgeon, Dr. John Goosey, is a world renowned corneal expert. His skill and success at LASIK surgery is unsurpassed. LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis) is a process that corrects your eye vision utilizing a laser.

The procedure improves your eye sight by eliminating a bit of your corneal tissue. The surgeon reshapes the corneal tissue so that it can focus light better into your eye. With nearsightedness or myopia, your cornea is too steep and must be flattened. In cases of farsightedness or hyperopia, the cornea is not steep enough. In astigmatism, the cornea has become irregularly shaped and needs to be reshaped into a more normal shape.

Laser eye surgery may be the fastest and most effective resolution to your problem, whether you are dealing with farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. It is a delicate technique and you must be sure to choose an extremely skilled and experienced LASIK eye surgeon.

How LASIK Works

Dr. Goosey will determine your prescription, measure your pupil size and corneal thickness, perform a retina exam and give you a dilated refraction.   He will also perform a corneal topography, meaning that using a computer assisted diagnostic tool, Dr. Goosey will create a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of your cornea. This “map” of your cornea will reveal what precisely is affecting your sight.

During the surgery, the doctor will cut a very thin flap with a specialized laser; and, will carefully utilize the laser light to reshape your corneal tissue. Once the reshaping is finished, he will put back the flap and check for any air pockets or debris from the procedure that might be in your eye. Your eye will mend naturally with the flap back in its original place.

After The Surgery

Laser vision surgery is brief and painless. Following surgery, the majority of patients report only a slight discomfort. Since it is a 5 minute procedure, the physician will permit you to leave but will only release you if you have someone to do the driving back home. Though you can return to work the next day, it is suggested you try to rest for a few days as well as avoid doing any strenuous activity.

If you are looking to correct your hyperopia or myopia, LASIK may be a fast and safe option at resolution for you that is extremely effective. With the expertise of Dr. John Goosey, a skilled eye doctor who is a corneal specialist and accomplished LASIK surgeon, laser vision correction and any other viable option for your cornea, eyesight, or eye health concerns will be identified and be available.

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