Professionals Depend on LASIK Doctors

Many professions depend on a person’s ability to see, and other careers —from cooking jobs to long-distance driving often get a boost when people who see better with unaided eyesight then perform better at their jobs. Chefs need to read tickets at a glance, drivers face problems when glasses fog up or break, and professional athletes depend on their sight, hand/eye coordination and reflexes. The LASIK doctors Houston professionals rely on can often help improve a patient’s vision enough to qualify for sight-dependent professions.

LASIK Surgery Improves Vision

The term “LASIK” is an abbreviation for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, an advanced laser procedure that reshapes the eyeball to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Ranking as the most effective and safest surgery for vision correction, the procedure carries some risks and won’t work in all cases.

However, chances are good that you can improve your vision regardless of whether you get 20/20 vision. Qualified LASIK doctors can help you decide if surgery might improve your natural vision. If successful, you might qualify for one of the following jobs that require excellent vision:

1. Pilots

Even though commercial pilots are allowed to wear glasses and contact lenses, their unaided vision must still fall within certain guidelines. Corrective lenses can fail you at critical times. The military services recognize that glasses and contacts are points-of-failure in combat situations for military pilots and other key personnel who operate heavy equipment.

2. Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers must identify suspects and dangerous situations without depending on lenses, which get broken or lost in physical confrontations. The old cliché that warns against hitting people with glasses sends bullies and criminals into hysterical laughing fits. Glasses are always the first target in physical confrontations to demoralize and weaken an opponent.

3. Firefighters

Firefighters must see well through soot, smoke and excessive heat that compromise all types of lenses. Inadequate vision could cause a firefighter to overlook a stranded person, blunder into a dangerous situation or miss when jumping to safety or trying to catch a person fleeing fire, heat and smoke.

4. Professional Athletes

All kinds of professional athletes depend on their vision to see the field and opponents, catch a football, baseball or basketball, manipulate a soccer ball or recognize their teammates or physical challenges. Wrestlers and fighters need clear vision—at least until their eyes swell shut. Imagine a boxer with eyeglasses—the image just doesn’t track.

5. Doctors and First Responders

Doctors, first responders and paramedics need to react quickly to visual cues when treating patients or searching for victims in crashes. Perfect vision could literally be a matter of life and death when a fast decision is essential. Victims often fight their rescuers, so corrective lenses could easily be damaged or destroyed.

Some professions depend on your ability to see clearly without corrective lenses because glasses and contacts can break, get lost, cloud over or cause enough discomfort that people routinely remove them. Dr. Goosey is one of the best LASIK doctors Houston professionals trust. He can help you assess whether surgery might improve your vision enough to see unaided and qualify for a high-profile career or just improve your job performance. Contact us today to schedule your LASIK consultation.

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