Why You Should See A Cornea Specialist First

Your eyes matter, which is why it is important to make sure they are taken care of by the right specialist.

Unfortunately, many people do not see a cornea specialist when they should. The following should help you understand how a cornea care eye doctor can help you in amazing ways.

The Cornea & The Importance of a Cornea Doctor

A cornea specialist is an eye doctor, or ophthalmologist, who specializes in issues that deal with the cornea, which could include anything from glaucoma and cataracts, to other issues like corneal scarring. And even more significant, they specialize in LASIK surgery care and recommendations. Dr. John Goosey, is a leading specialist in Houston.

The cornea is the dome that covers the eye. This dome helps the eye capture images and light correctly. The cornea may seem like a small part of the eye, but the truth is it plays an extremely important part in our ability to see, and it is very extensive and complex. In fact, eye specialists often need to refer their patients to a cornea specialist because they may not always be able to detect particular vision problems, or confirm diagnoses. Cornea specialists can offer patients a second opinion, and specific recommendations for surgery and treatment care.

The first layer of the cornea is called the epithelium. This is the outer surface of the cornea, which serves to protect the rest of the cornea and eye from foreign objects, such as dust. It is also permeable enough to absorb oxygen and nutrients from tears. It is also connected to several nerves and keep eye sensitive.

The Bowman’s membrane sits right under the first layer. This layer is mostly made up collagen fibers. It can get damaged and form scars. Enough of these scars could lead to vision loss. These are just two cornea layers, though there are several more.

Because of their expertise, the cornea specialists over at Houston Eye Associates primarily deal with transplants, as well as surgical debridement. Debridement is usually reserved for those who have debris or infections that are trapped in the eyes or cornea itself.

Issues That Cornea Specialists Can Spot

Your cornea doctor can look for specific types of scarring, especially the deeper ones that might be under the first layer of your cornea. He or she may be able to spot these scars before they begin to negatively affect vision.

Cornea doctors can also diagnose different types of symptoms that might be signaling a corneal problem. Symptoms like frequent stinging or sensitivity to light. Both of these are related to corneal injuries, and must be looked at as soon as possible.

Houston cornea doctors, like Dr. Goosey, can also look out for is keratoconus. This particular issue usually affects teenagers and young adults, though not uncommon among other age groups. It is characterized by a thinning cornea. The cornea then begins to lose its elasticity and may bulge outwardly; which can lead to blurred vision, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. The issue may be corrected with fitted contacts; though a corneal transplant could also be recommended in severe cases.

Talking to a cornea specialist in addition to seeing your Houston eye doctor, may help you discover issues that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Especially, if you’re having specific vision problems, or considering eye surgery. Give your eyes the right kind of importance, and have them checked by a specialist as soon as possible.

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