How Soon Can New Moms Have LASIK?

Tons of people living in Houston are getting LASIK surgery to rid themselves of common vision problems. But, have you ever wondered about what it’s like for a new Mom who wants LASIK? New moms, whether nursing or not, need to contact an eye doctor if they are interested in LASIK. What most people aren’t aware of, is that there is legitimate concern regarding the effects of the surgery on the health of a new mother, especially since nursing is associated with changes in the curve of the cornea- a condition that may persist as long as the nursing continues.

Eye Changes In New Moms

Pregnancy and nursing are often accompanied by hormonal changes that have a corresponding effect on vision. In most cases, pregnant women who have prescriptions will notice fluctuations in vision during the pregnancy, after childbirth, and even during the entire nursing period.

While these changes do not happen in every pregnancy, they are normal. Changes in hormone levels and corneal pressure, due to increased water retention, also affect vision in pregnant or lactating women, which can lead to significant changes in a woman’s vision prescription. A woman who undergoes LASIK surgery during this time may end up with over or under-correction after the surgery. When the hormone levels stabilize after pregnancy or lactation, she may need to get her prescription readjusted again.

Other concerns regarding pregnancy and LASIK include the possibility of dry eyes, which could be complicated by LASIK surgery. The use of antibiotics prior to surgery, and during recovery is also another consideration, since pregnant or lactating women may expose their babies to these medications if they undergo the surgery and take these medications before the procedure or during recovery.

The Best Time for LASIK for New Moms

Doctors recommend that new mothers wait three to six months after nursing stops before considering having the surgery. This ensures that hormones have leveled off, and vision has returned to normal. This is particularly important for women who actually experience changes in vision during pregnancy and lactation, because it reduces the chances of having another corrective surgery to account for additional correction. Waiting also helps lessen the possibility of complications such as dry eyes, infections, and exposure of the baby to the active ingredients of strong medications like pain relievers and antibiotics.

LASIK For Moms Who Don’t Nurse

Many Houston eye doctors and medical practitioners still prescribe the 3 to 6-month rule for new mothers who want to undergo LASIK. This is primarily due to changes in eye pressure and a woman’s overall physical health. It takes time for the body to heal and return to its normal state after having children. However, if the surgery needs to be done immediately, some doctors recommend that the mothers get extra help at home with formula bottle feedings and care. Ultimately, having this surgery will solely depend on your doctor’s recommendations, based on your overall health and vision needs.

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