Spring Time is the Right Time for LASIK

While anytime is a good time to have LASIK surgery done on your eyes, there are some times which are better than others to have the procedure performed. One of the best times of all is in the spring, during the lull between the busy holiday season and the fabulous recreational opportunities that arrive with the advent of summer. There are many reasons why Spring is the perfect opportunity to finally move forward with LASIK.

The first reason is one which relates to the matter of opportunity. For many people with work schedules, it is easier to arrange the perfect date to have the procedure done in springtime. Other workers are not out sick or gone on vacation, so it is more likely that a day off will not cause huge disruptions in one’s career. Likewise, family schedules are less apt to be filled with visiting relatives or long-planned vacations. The school year is winding down, which lessens the strain of dealing with a medical procedure and children’s needs simultaneously.

Another reason why having a Houston cataract surgeon do your LASIK surgery in the spring is that this will enable you to burst into the summer season without needing prescription glasses and sunglasses to mar your new summer look. Instead, for the first time in a very long time, it will be possible to treat yourself to a stylish new pair of shades that will not require expensive prescription lens inserts or limit your preference due to the non-availability of prescription fittings for your chosen frames.

Better still, it will be possible to be totally free of all forms of glasses, if you so choose. Because summer often involves travel, it would be a wonderful thing to really and truly see all the magnificent sights in their genuine glory. The colors will simply jump out at you, and the most subtle details of even the most distant landscape will be revealed in full.

Because most people don’t think about consulting with one of the top LASIK doctors Houston has to offer during the springtime, it is not only easier to arrange the perfect appointment but the costs associated with the procedure are often times lower at this part of year as well. Many families also get that little extra financial boost from their tax refund, so they are better able to afford LASIK surgery at exactly the time when the demand for it is lowest – thus the price is also temporarily reduced over the cost during peak months.

Additionally, the sooner one selects a Houston LASIK surgeon and has the operation performed, the quicker one can start enjoying the many benefits of LASIK surgery. Not only will you look better and see better, but there is also the question of how much money one currently spends on monthly eye care needs. Particularly if one is at the point where it is time for new glasses or contacts, it only makes sense to put that money towards the ultimate solution rather than wasting resources on new eye wear that is going to be thrown into the drawer as soon as you get your LASIK done.

If you have been considering LASIK or would like more information, don’t wait. Contact Dr. John Goosey to schedule your LASIK consultation today!

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