The Best Benefits of LASIK

One of the most popular eye surgeries for vision correction is LASIK surgery. Over 20 million individuals in the U.S. alone have undergone LASIK, producing fantastic results and the procedure is as popular as it has ever been. 

LASIK is one of the most simple and complication-free procedures available. Taking only minutes to perform with little discomfort, the results are also practically instantaneous. Most patiences resume normal daily activities within a 24 hour period after the surgery.

While there are many ways that LASIK will enhance your life and vision (most patients, nearly 98%, achieve 20/20 vision) if you are trying to decide whether or not to undergo LASIK, consider some of the top ways that LASIK can help enhance your life.

  1. Vision.
    Don’t overlook the obvious top answer: LASIK provides people with better vision than they have ever experienced. Many who undergo the procedure experience more acute vision than even corrective lenses or contacts.
  2. Convenience.
    Simple things that wearers of prescriptions have not been able to enjoy, such as seeing at night or when waking up, can now be experienced. Avoiding daily lens wearing, time spend maintaining and caring for corrective lenses are just some of the hassles that LASIK patients will no longer have to worry about.
  3. Lifestyle.
    With LASIK, activities like swimming can be enjoyed without worrying about losing a lens. Sports that are difficult to play without glasses or goggles can now be played by patients who have undergone LASIK.
  4. Comfort.
    Most LASIK patiences notice that certain issues such as headaches caused by outdated prescriptions are gone after the procedure. Other irritations related to lens wearing such allergies, itching, watering eyes and redness are reduced or eliminated. Issues stemming from work-related problems such as computer eye strain are also eliminated.
  5. Cost.
    While some LASIK surgeons require an upfront payment, when factoring in savings on glasses, frames and contacts over the years, LASIK is a quality investment over the long term and frequently end up paying for itself. Dr. Goosey, offers a Care Credit Payment Plan if patients would like to spread the cost over time rather than at once upfront.

LASIK will help improves patients’ self-confidence as vision improves to levels many have never experienced before! For the reasons above and so many more, don’t wait. Contact Dr. Goosey today to determine if LASIK is a good fit for you.

Trust your vision in the hands of one of Houston’s most experienced, renowned and trusted LASIK surgeons, Dr. Goosey and see if LASIK is the right option for you! The results and benefits are excellent, lasting and valuable.

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