The Eyes Have It

Think about it. Your eyes are one of the greatest gifts you possess, and they are irreplaceable.  Sometimes we take for granted the things we use every day, but you can never disregard your vision or eye health – they are far too valuable.

If you wear glasses or contacts, you are even further aware of how precious clear vision is.  The good news about wearing corrective lenses is that is you are not alone. Nearly 75 percent of the U.S. population wear some form of corrective lenses to improve their vision, including refractive conditions such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism.  

Let’s face it. Wearing glasses or contacts changes everything.  Sure, they may help your vision as needed (temporarily), but they also impact your daily habits and lifestyle. 

Glasses do serve their purpose and work well when they’re not lost, dropped, dirty, scratched, broken, or heaven forbid, out of style!  Oftentimes, your prescription may not correct things clearly for an entire year as intended, so the need to schedule another appointment and order a new prescription occurs. The wait time for a new prescription can sometimes be lengthy and frustrating.

While glasses can make a certain fashion or personality statement about you, it is still true that other people really want to see your eyes.  Your eyes not only take in mass amounts of information and stimuli every minute, but they also communicate what you’re thinking and feeling, and can lend more personality and expression to everything you do – that is, when they’re not being blocked behind your glasses.

So perhaps contacts are the remedy?  They do get glasses off your face, but what’s the trade-off?  They are not any less expensive than glasses; in fact, they can cost more and certainly do not provide any more conveniences than glasses.  Just like the glasses they’re meant to replace, contacts also can scratch, get dirty, get lost, fall out, and need to be replaced with new prescriptions equally as often.  

These inconveniences are why more and more people are coming to rely on LASIK surgery for its long-term rewards and benefits.  Over 700,000 procedures are performed each year and the painless, immediate results simply cannot be denied.  Patients are free to lead active, worry-free lifestyles again and to toss their glasses and contacts for good.  It’s an easy, convenient decision, and also one that will save you money.

Are you ready to toss your corrective lenses for good?  If you’re interested in learning if LASIK surgery is right for you, contact Dr. Goosey today for a free consultation.

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