Top Reasons Why People LOVE LASIK

LASIK eye surgery changes lives. By the time someone has made the decision to talk to a LASIK surgeon, they are tired of dealing with the hassles of glasses and contacts. Vision may have been slowly worsening over time. An active lifestyle is hampered by sweat-slick glasses sliding around your face. However, LASIK eye surgery can change all that.

The Better Solution

People have been trying to correct vision problems with glasses for more than 700 years. However, glasses and contacts don’t correct the underlying problem, they simply offer a temporary solution. LASIK, on the other hand completely corrects the error in how your eyes see; and because of this:

  • LASIK will improve the quality of your vision
  • LASIK will improve the quality of your life

LASIK vs. Glasses

Today’s glasses are just updated models of the ones Ben Franklin wore. Glasses get lost, scratched, stepped on, and crushed. As vision changes, it’s necessary to spend hundreds of dollars for new glass lenses each year.

After LASIK, vision will be clearer than it’s been for many years. If you have it performed when you’re young, you won’t need reading glasses for years. After 40, you might need reading glasses because of the unavoidable effects of aging (presbyopia). However, you’ll never have to worry about astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness.

LASIK vs. Contacts

Contacts aren’t perfect either. Lost or scratched contacts, sore, itchy eyes, and the constant expense and maintenance are another hassle for many people. There is also a health risk associated with contacts, highlighted by a number of advisories posted by the FDA.

Here are the Top Reasons Why People LOVE It…

  • Start your day with clearer vision:Instead of fumbling for your glasses or squinting at the alarm clock, wake up ready to face the day, glasses and contact lens free.
  • Safety:Avoid the dangers of reduced vision if you’re without glasses or contacts.
  • Improved vision:Custom LASIK corrects the unique corneal irregularities that cause your vision problems. You’ll be amazed at how well you can see.
  • Active lifestyle:Enjoy the freedom to pursue your active life, especially water sports. You won’t hear, “You can’t do this with contacts” ever again.
  • Look your best:Many people put up with the hassle of contacts because they hate wearing glasses; yet with laser surgery, you can constantly look your best.

Dr. Goosey of Houston Eye Associates is the surgeon other doctors choose for their own eye surgeries. He is a board certified corneal specialist who has been performing laser vision correction surgery in Houston over 20 years. Discover the joy of seeing the world clearly for yourself with LASIK eye surgery; call our office for an appointment at 713-234-6134, OR schedule your FREE LASIK consultation online today.

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