The Corneal Specialist Houston Doctors Trust

If you are looking for an eye specialist Houston area wide, it is important you look for a doctor who is specially trained in the area of your concern or condition. For people living with problems of the cornea, a cornea specialist like Dr. Goosey is the expert you need to get the most successful and advanced corneal treatments available.

What Is A Corneal Specialist?

A corneal specialist is a highly trained eye doctor who specializes in treating diseases and correcting problems with the cornea. The cornea is the clear, domed shaped area in the front of the eye. There are many types of diseases that affect the cornea and without proper treatment and care, many of these can lead to partial loss of vision or even complete blindness.

Corneal specialists such as Dr. Goosey have specialized training above and beyond that of many other eye doctors. Corneal specialists have completed fellowships in corneal diseases to become certified ophthalmologists and are often able to diagnose, treat and help alleviate many corneal diseases and conditions.

Why Do I Need A Corneal Specialist?

Your vision is a major component of enjoying a high quality of life. With vision loss comes a lack of independence, mobility and the freedom to enjoy many of the things, sights, experiences and pursuits that once brought you pleasure. Restoring your eyesight or preventing further progression of sight loss is an important goal and deciding on who to trust as your treatment provider is no small decision.

One smart way to narrow the choices when deciding which eye specialist Houston patients should visit is by comparing doctors’ training, expertise and experience. When seeking treatment for corneal diseases and disorders, you need an eye surgeon specifically trained in corneal diseases to ensure you get the very best outcome. Dr. Goosey has performed over 30,000 refractive procedures and has been voted one of 2014’s Best Doctors in America.

Dr. Goosey has received the most advanced training available and uses the latest in technology to make sure his patients receive a level of care that far exceeds their expectations. In fact, Dr. Goosey is the corneal specialists other eye doctors seek out when they themselves need LASIK or any other corrective corneal procedure and is known as The Specialist’s Specialist.

Your cornea is an important part of your eye and as the outermost layer of the eye, it provides protection and allows the eye to focus light and see more clearly and in more detail. When you are having eye problems associated with the corneal layer, it is important you get expert care. While all eye doctors seek to improve their patient’s vision, only a select few have the advanced training to become a corneal specialist. Whether you need a diagnosis, treatment, corneal implant surgery or other procedure, Dr. Goosey and his professional, highly qualified staff are the experts you need. Call Dr. Goosey today to schedule your appointment and get the care you need to take care of your precious eyesight.

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