Understanding Cataracts & Diabetic Eye Disease

Cataracts are normally associated with the aging process, but there are also other causes of the condition. One of the most commonly associated issues is diabetes, as the disease is generally understood to have a direct correlation with the development of cataracts in some patients. Since November is American Diabetes Month, this blog is to encourage those diagnosed with diabetes to pay close attention to the health of their eyes, especially if cataracts are present.

What Is the Relationship Between Diabetes and Cataracts?

Cornea specialists, like Dr. Goosey, will frequently recommend cataract surgery to improve a patient’s vision. The surgery has become a commonly used strategy for enhancing the vision of anyone suffering from the condition. Diabetes, however, can complicate the situation. Once diagnosed with diabetes, patients need to become proactive in treating their issues to minimize the odds of developing cataracts. Untreated diabetes frequently leads to a swelling of the aqueous humor, significantly impacting the quality of vision. High blood sugar levels cause the condition, and the failure to control diabetes certainly exacerbates the situation. Corneal experts routinely suggest anyone with diabetes take the steps necessary to control their symptoms and, most importantly, schedule routine visits with an ophthalmologist to monitor the health of their eyes.

How are Cataracts Treated Today?

There are a couple of treatments available for the removal of a cataract; Dr. Goosey is a strong proponent of using the ORA System as the option of choice. The ORA System, unlike older options, uses a laser to ensure the lens selected best suits a patient’s specific vision needs. The laser measurements ensure patients will have the best outcomes from their procedures.

Getting Started

Whether for the treatment of a cataract or LASIK Houston, the first step is to contact Dr. Goosey‘s office for an evaluation appointment. Diabetic patients are strongly advised to schedule routine appointments to determine what, if any, impact the disease is having on their vision. Since November is American Diabetes Month, now is a great time to take charge of your eye health and schedule an examination. The staff at Houston Eye Associates understands how important your vision is and will gladly discuss the appointment options available. Don’t take chances with your vision, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. Contact the clinic today for an appointment.

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