Understanding LASIK Cost & Payment Options

LASIK cost and payment calculations depend on several factors; and it’s always important for anyone considering LASIK surgery to understand how these variables impact the bottom line cost of the procedure. Houston laser eye surgery experts like Dr. John Goosey, routinely work with educating patients on how costs are determined. As a rule, the costs of LASIK vary from around $1000 to $4,000 per eye, with national averages being around $2,000 per eye. However, depending on the factors that pertain to each patient’s LASIK surgery needs and preferences, prices will generally vary to certain degrees.  So, the big question is… How are LASIK costs determined?

LASIK & Your Insurance

In most cases, LASIK isn’t covered by health insurance. However, some insurers have worked out discount plans for policyholders that can reduce the total costs five to ten percent. That’s important for patients on budgets. It’s always important to ask your insurance provider if any discounts are available, as well as the surgeon you’ve chosen.

Location, Location, Location

Where a patient is located can often impact the total cost of LASIK eye surgery. Residents of larger urban areas may find the cost to be slightly higher than for those in more rural areas. However, patients in larger cities should still locate experienced eye surgeons who offer special promotions without compromising the quality of patient care.

Bladeless vs. Bladed LASIK

Another key factor that influences total cost is the type of LASIK procedure offered. Bladeless LASIK cost is slightly more expensive than the traditional bladed procedure, due to technology advancements and less complications after surgery. When comparing prices, it’s important to know which technique the surgeon is providing. Discuss these options during consultation to determine which will best meet your needs.

Experience Matters

Generally, patients will find that more experienced surgeons charge slightly more, due to knowledge and advanced quality care. Moreover, experienced LASIK surgeons tend to provide the latest in advanced surgical technology, which means less post-op complications and downtime. Recommendations from friends, family, and patient reviews, are all great ways to find the best surgeon to entrust your vision care to. Patients will also find that experienced surgeons like Dr. Goosey, offer medical insights based on a custom vision correction plan that is developed for each patient during the LASIK consultation. The total LASIK cost is customized and quoted for each patient, and once Dr. Goosey provides a quote for a patient, that all-inclusive price will stand.

Payment Options

LASIK can be viewed as a personal investment into your vision, there are several pricing options and payment plans that will help patients pay down those costs over time. Not everyone has the cash available to pay for the procedure upfront, so looking carefully at financing options, like flexible spending accounts, CareCredit, or designating a tax refund to help defray the costs, will certainly come in handy. Ultimately, learning about available discounts or other financing strategies will help you consider all the costs involved when it comes to financing LASIK.

Your vision is important, and LASIK could be the answer to your vision problems. To consult with Houston’s premier LASIK surgeon, schedule your FREE LASIK consultation with Dr. Goosey today. During your consult, he and the staff of Houston Eye Associates will help explain LASIK costs and available options.

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