Ways LASIK Enhances Vision and Life

LASIK, short for “Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis”, is an elective operation reserved for patients who want to reduce or eliminate dependence on contact lenses or eyeglasses. It is not considered a cosmetic procedure as it improves eye function. In fact, LASIK can be life changing. It can quickly transform a patient who searches for his or her glasses immediately after waking up into someone who can drive without contacts or glasses. Here are some top ways that LASIK can transform your life and help you start living with crystal clear sight!

Enjoy an active lifestyle with LASIK

Laser eye surgery leads to more freedom for patients with active lifestyles resulting from reduced dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses. When the necessity of wearing contacts or glasses is removed, recreational activities such as running or contact sports can be more enjoyable. Surgery can also open a window of opportunities into certain fields of employment where corrective lenses are not permitted.

Like many other medical procedures, eye surgery has certain risks. However, complications are rare with a vast majority of patients being satisfied with the results. Millions of people around the world have experienced the dramatic improvements in vision that LASIK has to offer. These include pilots, drivers, soldiers and others whose jobs depend on good vision.

Continuous developments in surgical techniques and laser technology have made LASIK more effective and safer every year. There are now better treatment options for many of the non-permanent side effects of surgery.

LASIK provides long lasting results

After surgery, patients normally undergo a stabilization period of about 3 months for the eye to adjust. Following the period, LASIK results are expected to be permanent. In the extremely rate occassion a procedure either over or under corrected to repair vision, there is no need for follow-up procedures. The patients’ improved eyesight will last except for any normal loss due to illness or age.

No more contacts with LASIK

The annual cost of contacts can be very high. LASIK may cost several times the amount to buy contacts but is only needed once. The need for contacts will be eliminated and the financial savings will be noticeable almost immediately. Individuals can also forget about the trouble of wearing contacts or looking for a lost contact that many contact lens wearers undergo frequently.

No more glasses with LASIK

It is definitely an advantage to have the option of not wearing glasses. This gives you the freedom to wear the styles of shades you please without having to shop for special lenses for your eyeglasses or buy expensive prescription sunglasses.

As a patient, it is crucial to ask important questions when determining whether you are a good candidate for LASIK. Make an informed decision driven by information from a competent ophthalmologist. Eye surgery has many benefits but not all patients are deemed eligible for the procedure during testing. You must have the proper corneal thickness and curvature, the right eyeglass prescription and be free of autoimmune and other diseases.

Choosing a reliable practitioner is part of the whole process. Be sure to choose a board certified and experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. John Goosey.

If you would like to start taking advantage of all the incredible benefits that LASIK can provide, contact Dr. Goosey’s Houston office today for a consultation.

The transition to a clearer, lens-free, glasses-free life begins here!

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