When to have Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Although, in rare cases, it can affect infants, cataracts is also one of the most common medical conditions caused by aging.

Cataract causes vary depending on a number of factors; but in most cases the treatment is surgery. When a cataract starts to form in the eye, it may take many years before it affects your vision. However, there are other reasons a person may need the surgery.

Reasons to Have Cataract Surgery

Symptoms of cataracts forming in the eyes usually worsen when you notice that your vision is extremely blurry, and there is a consistent cloudy film blocking you from seeing clearly- even with corrective lenses on. Doctors often recommend the surgery only if your eyesight becomes so blurry that you can’t perform your daily activities safely. This includes driving, shopping, reading, writing, and cooking. If you have trouble working, taking medications, or using the stairs, this usually indicates that the cataracts have gotten worse and need to be removed. Cataracts also cause glare and this can make it difficult to read or to watch television. If they are formed in both eyes and become worse in just one, it’s probably best to get both removed. For some people, bright lights interfere with vision making it more difficult to see clearly at night. Some people notice they have difficulty distinguishing faces, even those of people they know well. The surgery is often needed if you have trouble getting around and are worried about losing your independence.

Even if cataracts have not progressed to the point that your vision is compromised, you eye doctor may still suggest having the surgery. In some cases, cataracts interfere with other eye diseases and make it difficult to treat these conditions. The solution is cataract surgery. Doctors also need to examine the back of the eyes for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of several eye conditions, including macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. However, large cataracts may prevent doctors from seeing behind the eye, at which cataract surgery is often needed.

There are many reasons for having cataract surgery. Choosing the best time is a decision you and your doctor have to make together.

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