June is Cataract Awareness Month


The month of June is Cataract Awareness Month. Therefore, it’s important to educate others and make people aware of this condition. Around 60% of people over the age of 60 will develop cataracts.

Different Types of Cataracts


One of the leading causes of blindness is cataracts. When the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy, the result is vision loss, as light cannot travel well through the clouded lens. …

How DSEAK Is Changing Cataract Surgery


Particularly among the aged population, cataracts have always been something to be dreaded. While this remains true even today, modern medical technology has made it possible for cataract problems to be beaten. One of the most effective ways of dealing …

Cataract Eye Surgery Numbers and Statistics


We've previously gone over Lasik eye surgery numbers and statistics and thought now would be a good time to do the same for cataracts. With more Americans developing them as they get older, and medical technology finding ways to make cataract eye surgery more effective and cost-efficient, the following numbers may surprise you. According to [...]

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