What Does It Mean To Have Spots In Your Eyes?

Vision has all kinds of little annoyances. One of the oddest things experienced by most people are little dots and lines in their vision. These spots and flashes are annoying, but some people wonder what they mean for their eye health. If you’re among that curious group, it might be nice to find out what’s going on. Get ready, then, to explore these very common phenomena – and to find out what they really mean for the health of your eyes.

The good news is that those spots in your eyes really aren’t dangerous. In fact, they’re just a normal – if annoying – part of being alive. There is a gel-like substance in the back of the eye called the vitreous, and it slowly breaks down as people age. As it dissolves, it begins to become watery – but it doesn’t dissolve all it once. Those lovely little spots that you see are actually bits of the gel-like vitreous floating around in the dissolved solution, and seeing them from time to time is entirely normal. In fact, it’s something that you simply cannot avoid as you grow older. Eye spots, then, don’t need to cause you too much worry in the vast majority of cases.

Similar to these spots might be bright flashes of light, which are actually quite a bit different. Your body interprets input in a number of ways, and the mechanical stimulation of your retina is usually interpreted as a flashing light in your eye. These flashes, which often look like lines, can actually be a sign that there is a problem with your retina. If they are accompanied by intense pain, though, they are more often a sign of migraine headaches – quite a severe problem, but nothing that really has to do with the health of your eyes.

There are cases when you need to see a local eye specialist Houston doctor about your spots or lines, though. If you see a sudden movement of spots and lines, it could be a sign that the vitreous gel is pulling away from your eyes or that your retina has become detached – serious issues that could leave you blinded if you don’t seek out care. If you’re not sure if the process is normal or it was caused by something more severe, it is best that you go see an eye specialist – this is one case where it really is better to be safe than sorry.

The bad news is that there’s nothing much to be done about those annoying spots and lines in your vision. You’ll just deal with – and be annoyed by – them, just like everyone else. The good news, though , is that they usually don’t constitute much of a problem. If you do feel like something is wrong or that your problem is more severe than normal, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Goosey. After all, your vision is important to you and to us – and we all want to make sure that it’s kept safe.

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