Diabetic woman wondering about LASIK

Is LASIK an Option for Patients with Diabetes?

Wondering if diabetic patients can have LASIK surgery? Learn what needs to be considered, then schedule your consult with Dr. Goosey today at 713-558-8777.

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Happy couple after cataract surgery

Understanding Cataracts & Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic patients are strongly urged to have routine eye exams to see if cataracts are also developing and affecting vision. Call Dr. Goosey at 713-558-8777.

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Thanksgiving with the family

Your Thanksgiving Meal After LASIK Eye Surgery

You can still get LASIK eye surgery before enjoying Thanksgiving Day dinner! Learn what foods to eat and which to avoid, then call Dr. Goosey at 713-558-8777.

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Couple enjoying fall holidays

Improve Vision for the Holidays with LASIK Eye Surgery

You CAN enjoy the holidays without the hassle of glasses or contacts, by planning LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Goosey ahead of time! Call 713-558-8777.

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Man afraid to get LASIK

Don’t Be SPOOKED About LASIK Eye Surgery

These 4 things can help you avoid becoming SPOOKED about LASIK eye surgery. Find out how, and then call Dr. Goosey at 713-558-8777 for an appointment.

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Boy wearing safety goggles

3 Home Eye Safety Tips from a LASIK Surgeon

Did you know that over 50% of eye injuries occur at home? Learn more tips from Houston’s premier LASIK surgeon, Dr. Goosey. Or call 713-558-8777.

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Satisfied LASIK couple

Corrective Vision Procedures (BL)- Before LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, connect with Houston’s premier Corneal Specialist, Dr. Goosey, to learn more about available options.

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Couple satisfied with cataract surgery

Treating Cataracts Can Help Prevent Blindness

Blurred vision? If you’re over 50, it could be cataracts. Read about World Blindness Awareness- October 2016, and call Dr. Goosey for an appointment.

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Cataract Eye Surgery

Exploring the Latest Cataract Surgery Technology Options

Cataract surgery has come a LONG way! Read more about the new innovative options available, and call Dr. Goosey for an appointment, at 713.558.8777

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Satisfied LASIK customer

How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Last?

Wondering if LASIK eye surgery lasts forever? Find out here, and then contact Dr. Goosey’s office for your consultation at 713.558.8777.

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