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Different Types of Cataracts

Different kinds of cataracts can affect individuals' vision. Dr. Goosey knows the best way to identify and treat this common condition!

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Best Benefits of LASIK

The Best Benefits of LASIK

There are many ways LASIK can enhance your vision and life. Find out how and start seeing and living better!

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Eye Spots And Flashes

Eye spots and flashes are normal but frequent appearances could also be a sign of a more serious problem.

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LASIK at The Masters

Golf's best are competing this weekend at The Masters. See how LASIK has improved the game of some of your favorite pros!

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The Best Age for LASIK?

While most can be considered for LASIK, there are some items that should be considered before undergoing any procedure. Let Dr. Goosey help!

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Five Foods That Boost Eye Health

Try these foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to maintain and strengthen your eye health!

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Astigmatism Hyperopia and Myopia Treatment

Astigmatism, Hyperopia, and Myopia Treatment

Ongoing eye care doesn't make everyone exempt from needing an eye surgeon. Learn about these common conditions and how to treat them

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Contacts and Glasses Can't Compare to LASIK

Contacts and Glasses Can’t Compare to LASIK

Corrective lenses simply cannot compare to the benefits that can be provided through a LASIK surgeon. See the reasons why...

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Making LASIK Affordable

LASIK doesn't have to be an expensive procedure. Find ways to save off of this life-enhancing procedure with Dr. Goosey!

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Sunglasses: Things To Consider

Getting the perfect pair of sunglasses before summer will protect your eyes and reduce glair. See our tips for purchasing sunglasses!

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