Young woman after LASIK surgery

5 Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery in 2017

One great reason to have LASIKsurgery in 2017 is having Dr. Goosey as your surgeon. Call 713-234-6134 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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Man with cataracts

It’s Time for Cataract Surgery When…

If you suspect you may need cataract surgery, call 713-234-6134 for an appointment with Houston’s top Cornea Specialist, Dr. John Goosey.

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Doctor checking patient's eyes

Should I See a Cornea Specialist This Year?

If you think you need to see a cornea specialist this year, be sure to SEE Houston’s best- Dr. John Goosey. Call 713-234-6134 for your next appointment.

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LASIK eye surgeon

3 Ways to Find the Best LASIK Surgeon

If you are looking for a premier LASIK surgeon in the Houston area, look no further than Dr. John Goosey. Call 713-234-6134 for an appointment.

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Cigarette Eye

Can Smoking Affect LASIK Surgery Recovery?

It’s true; smoking can adversely affect your eye health and LASIK surgery results. If you want LASIK and need to kick the habit, visit

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Woman wondering about cataracts

Can I Avoid Getting Cataracts?

Wondering if you could avoid developing cataracts? See what's possible, and discover more available options by visiting

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Man smoking affects vision

Eye Doctor Goosey: How Smoking Affects Vision

Your eye doctor will tell you that smoking can damage your vision and threaten overall eye health. Learn the risks, and call Dr. Goosey at 713-234-6134.

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Diabetic woman wondering about LASIK

Is LASIK an Option for Patients with Diabetes?

Wondering if diabetic patients can have LASIK surgery? Learn what needs to be considered, then schedule your consult with Dr. Goosey today at 713-558-8777.

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Happy couple after cataract surgery

Understanding Cataracts & Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic patients are strongly urged to have routine eye exams to see if cataracts are also developing and affecting vision. Call Dr. Goosey at 713-558-8777.

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Thanksgiving with the family

Your Thanksgiving Meal After LASIK Eye Surgery

You can still get LASIK eye surgery before enjoying Thanksgiving Day dinner! Learn what foods to eat and which to avoid, then call Dr. Goosey at 713-558-8777.

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