Satisfied LASIK customer

How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Last?

Wondering if LASIK eye surgery lasts forever? Find out here, and then contact Dr. Goosey’s office for your consultation at 713.558.8777.

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Happy LASIK patient

Why iHeart My LASIK Surgeon

Choosing eye surgery is easy when you admire your LASIK surgeon. Ready why so many cherish Dr. Goosey, then schedule your FREE consult today!

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Checking eye health

How Cornea Specialists & Ophthalmologists Treat Eye Cancers

Learn about how Cornea Specialists treat different and rare eye cancers. If you’re experiencing eye health concerns,call Dr. Goosey at 713.558.8777

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Get An Eye Exam

Eye Doctors Urge Students to Get This for Back-To-School…

Dr. Goosey and other professional eye doctors urge students to have annual eye exams to ensure academic success. For LASIK options, call 713-558-8777.

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Discussing cornea health

Discussing Cornea Health with Your Eye Doctor

Dr. Goosey is an eye doctor with vast corneal knowledge and vision care experience. Offering treatment options for any eye-related issue. Get your exam!

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Eye exam month

What An Eye Doctor Would Say About National Eye Exam Month

An eye doctor will tell you that National Eye Exam Month is about more than just vision. Learn More...

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Man considering cataract surgery

5 Questions to Ask About Cataract Surgery & Recovery

If you suspect cataracts, don’t wait! Contact Houston’s Premier Eye Surgeon- Dr. Goosey, and schedule an appointment today! Click Here to connect.

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Woman with eye for saving money

How Much Do You Really Save With LASIK Surgery?

Which do you think costs more- LASIK surgery, glasses, or contacts? The answer may surprise you! Call 713.558.8777 for a consult and to learn more.

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Optometry concept - pretty young woman having her eyes examined by eye doctor

The Future Offers Rapidly Evolving Possibilities for You and Your Eye Doctor

Read this to SEE what an eye doctor's practice will LOOK like in 2025! Then click here to schedule a comprehensive exam with Dr. Goosey.

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olympic runner

Olympic Hopefuls & LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr. Goosey is Houston’s LASIK eye surgery leader. Whether you’re an Olympic Champion or Life Champion, feel free to schedule your consult at (713) 558-8777.

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