Why Cataract Doctors Love Laser Surgery

For many people, it is often difficult to tell when eye problems will develop until it is too late. Cataracts are among the most common eye problems to affect people of all ages, and in the past, cataract surgery proved to be risky and costly. But as technology advances, cataract doctors are able to work with extreme precision in order to ensure the best outcome for their patients.

Laser assisted surgical options have been in development for quite some time, as early as the 1990’s. As the technology becomes more readily available and refined, many patients are choosing cataract doctors with the latest tech to help ensure the success of their surgeries. Research tells us that roughly 70 percent of American adults who are older than 60 will develop cataracts. These odds are increase for adults over the age of 70, as they have a 90 percent chance of developing cataracts and other vision problems.

Cataracts are defined as cloudy shapes that develop in the lens of the eye that are caused due to poor cell replication as we age. Cataract symptoms can include any variety of visual problems, including difficulty reading, spots, and even blindness in the most extreme cases.

The good news is that cataract doctors carry out the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. Roughly three million such procedures are performed annually, and with the addition of laser technology, the success rate of these procedures has grown exponentially. Through the use of an optical laser, surgeons have the ability to create the initial incision with much more precise control, perforating the lens, and removing the cataract at a greatly reduced risk due to minimized contact with unaffected areas. After the surgery is performed, patients can select a monofocal lens, which can help them with near or farsighted problems.

Patients who undergo the advanced procedure when conducted by a qualified cataract doctor have reported a remarkable success rate, with surgeons looking into further corrective options for which this technology can be utilized. Individuals can also use laser surgery to help them treat astigmatism and further fine-tune their vision. It can help them adjust their eyes as treatment for many vision problems, allowing more and more people to ditch their glasses and contacts.

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